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Are you playing with the idea of starting a side hustle, maybe starting a new blog, business venture or even moving home? You feel you are ready to take the risk but are worried about actually doing it? Ask yourself if one of these beliefs is holding you back.

The Timing Must Be Right

There are always going to be a million reasons
not to go after a dream. You just had a new baby. You’re waiting for the kids
to grow up. You’re too busy or too stressed. You just don’t have the time.

But the truth you must remember is this:
you are not guaranteed tomorrow. If you wait, you may never get the chance to
chase your dreams. It may not always be easy or convenient to go after what you
want right now but it is worthwhile.

I’ll Get to It Eventually

You know what you want, whether that’s to travel more, write a book, get that blog set up or put your house on the market. But you’re too busy with other life commitments so you keep telling yourself that you’ll get to it “eventually”.

The problem is that if you put your dream on hold for too long, you’ll begin to resent the people around you for your unhappiness. Dreams are great but you need a deadline too.

Fear Of Failure

Failure isn’t fatal. It’s simply part of the learning process. You wouldn’t teach a toddler learning to walk that it’s the end of the world if he falls. You’d simply encourage him to keep going. That’s the attitude you should take when you’re contemplating going after a big goal.

What Habits Are Holding You Back from Success?

Consider the possibility of failure and
what you would lose, then plan how you’d bounce back. Doing this will help you
to feel more in control and able to confidently take on new risks. If you succeed
you’ll be delighted. If you fail you’ll already know what to do next.

I’m Too Comfortable Right Now

Everything finally seems to be coming
together. Your marriage is in a good place. You’re happy in your career. Your child
just got accepted into their ideal secondary school and your life couldn’t be

Believe it or not, this is the perfect time to take a risk. That’s because trying new things keeps you from stagnating during seasons of rest and abundance. It’s not that everything will work out perfectly but that you’ll feel more confident and more energised to go after what you want.

Fear can stem from beliefs that because
life is good, it could all get ruined by change, so you stay in your comfort

Understanding the beliefs holding you back will allow you to overcome them. You can think through these mindset issues and create a plan to tackle them now that you know what the root cause is.

Practising meditation can help to change your mindset. Break free from the chains of repetitive negative thought processes.

What Habits Are Holding You Back from Success?

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