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Are you thinking of redecorating your child’s bedroom, but are concerned about the cost? Well, don’t worry you’re not alone. However, I’m here to tell you that it is possible to do this on a budget and get a fantastic result as well. Just be careful you don’t make their bedroom too good; otherwise, they will try and get sent to their room on purpose!

Budget Friendly Kids Rooms That Are Serious Fun!

The design or theme

First of all, to make your child’s bedroom re-decoration fun, it can be helpful to think about themes and designs before you start. Of course, there’s a difference between a full-on theme and a design.

A theme is where you choose a particular motif for the room, something that can be successful with younger kids. For example, you could select pirates, princesses, or forests and jungles, the key thing here is to pick an area that your little one loves and will be sure to appreciate.

A design is sort of like a theme but not so prominent, in fact, a design may take into account the colour scheme you will be using and use that as a base for choosing items. It can also take into account particular motifs like the ones mentioned above, but use them just as accents rather than going the whole hog, an example of this being a pirate room where you have plain walls, pirate toys displayed on shelves and perhaps a pirate duvet cover.

Of course usually, when it comes to theme and designs, the latter is more cost-effective because it requires fewer customised items. However, as you can see below if you shop smart you may be able to complete a themed bedroom for a reasonable price too.

The bed

In a bedroom, the bed is a pretty central item, both practically and concerning the focus of the entire space. Get the bed right and it can make a difference to the whole room.

With this in mind, if you can find a unique or themed bed like the kids bed range from Cuckooland offered at a good price it can make a massive positive impact on the room. In fact with tents, teepees, and even treehouse beds you can create both a stylish and fun theme space for our little one to hang out in, and if you can find one that is currently on offer and save a few quid, even better.

The storage

Lastly, as any mother knows, kids have a lot of stuff. What this means is that their bedroom will need to contain as much storage as possible, if you don’t want the rest of your home to look like a toy shop that is.

Luckily furniture manufacturers have cottoned onto this idea, and there is now a massive range of different storage options on the market from coordinating child’s bedroom suites to specially designed book display units, and even individual floating or freestanding shelves, that can be used to not only store their most treasured items but display them as well. Something that can help to make their room seriously fun.

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