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Canva is a widely used online graphic design platform that enables users to create many designs, ranging from social media posts to presentations. The platform provides a variety of templates, but one common question arises: can I use Canva templates and sell them?

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What Are Canva Templates?

Canva templates are pre-designed layouts that users can edit and customise to create professional-quality designs quickly and efficiently. These templates cover various design needs, including social media graphics, logos, presentations, business cards, banners, and posters. Created by professional graphic designers, these templates serve as an excellent starting point, particularly for those new to design.

Can I Use Canva Templates and Sell Them?

Yes, you can use Canva templates to create designs and sell them, but there are specific conditions you must follow according to Canva’s Content License Agreement, you cannot just take them and sell them as they are.

To sell templates, you must add your own text, fonts, or layout elements and create them from scratch. The templates must be original designs and can include a mix of Free and Pro Content. However, Pro Content can only be used in templates if shared as Canva template links, allowing customers to return to Canva to customise them.

As an example, imagine you want to use Canva to design a wedding invitation template to sell on Etsy. If you create an invitation that includes Pro Content, this is allowed only if you sell the template as a Canva template link.

Note: Templates with Pro Content cannot be sold as PDFs or other file types, whether flattened or not.

Remember: Not every customer has a Canva Pro account and when they access the link to your design they will be prompted to pay for any Pro Content you have used in the design.

It’s best to stick to using the free design elements on Canva and purchasing graphics and fonts elsewhere like Creative Fabrica so there are no problems when a customer wants to edit the design you made with Canva and you can create PDFs without worrying that you have used PRO content.

Whichever license you pick with Creative Fabrica, make sure that you read how to use it.


Canva offers a powerful platform for creating and selling designs, provided you follow their Content Licence Agreement. Ensure your templates are original by adding your own elements and remember that Pro Content can only be shared via Canva template links. To avoid issues, use free design elements or purchase additional graphics and fonts from other sources. By adhering to these guidelines, you can successfully use Canva to create and sell unique designs.

Learn how to use Canva templates for commercial purposes. Follow guidelines on licensing, Pro Content, and best practices to create and sell original designs legally.

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