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During the COVID pandemic, a lot of people are turning to working from home who might otherwise never have done so, and it is looking as though this trend is going to continue for some while yet. If you are thinking about running your own business entirely from your home, you might well be wondering whether it is actually possible to do so, and how difficult it might be to make it a reality. In this post, we are going to take a look at some of the main things to bear in mind here as you attempt to do this.

Can you run a business from home?

Using Virtual Help

One of the things that makes this all possible is the uprising of virtual help that you can use these days, and this is a resource that you really should be making more use of if possible. For instance, you can look to a place like for a virtual receptionist, and therefore ensure that you can have calls answered by a real person, all while still running your business from your home. You can also use sites like Fiverr to get help on a range of creative projects, whether it’s the design of your logo or web-building.

Selling From Home

In most business models, you will be selling some kind of product or other to people, and that is absolutely something you can do from home without too much trouble. You are going to find that shipping and delivery only becomes a difficult issue if you have many thousands of orders, at which point you might need to ask yourself whether this is the kind of business that needs a warehouse. But for most small businesses, your own home is perfectly suitable, even if it does mean you need to convert a part of it into a mini-warehouse of some kind unless you have products drop-shipped for you, then all you will need is a computer and printer.


Many business leaders need insurance in order to keep everything safe and secure no matter what happens, and this is an especially good idea if you are going to run your business entirely from home. That way, should anything happen beyond your control which causes damage to anything, you can claim back on the insurance and mitigate the problem as well as you can. This is doubly important as it is not just your workplace but also your home, so make sure that you are thinking about this and taking it seriously.

Family Life

Finally, remember that you need to do everything you can to keep your family happy too, otherwise you might decide that it is simply not worth doing this. So be sure you are not encroaching on the family life in the home, and that you have a separate space to work in. if you can do that, you are going to find that your business is much more likely to succeed – and without having to upset anyone in your family while doing so too.

Can you run a business entirely from home?

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