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Do these types of networking events intimidate you? There is no question about it, networking is an acquired skill. What if you are speaking at a big event? Read more in this article from Attrax about how to take the stage at such events.

Here are a few strategies to help you get through the event.

How To Survive And Thrive At The Networking Conference

Grab The Worm!

Almost all conferences will offer up discounts for being the early bird, register as early as possible and confirm travel plans quickly to optimize your travel budget.

Accommodation Bookings

The vast number of individuals at some conferences will max out the occupancy of the hotel. Make your reservations as early as possible to allow you the prime hotel spots. You can use Hotelzon’s easy to use the search feature to find hotels close to the conference centre or other points of interest. If you are a Hotelzon customer, you can make a booking directly.

Claiming Your Badge

It is always best to claim your conference badge as soon as possible. Upon checking in, find out where you can collect your badge. This is going to allow you to avoid all of the lines and confusion at the venue entrance, instead allowing you to directly enter and begin enjoying yourself.

Download The App

Through the use of the official conference app, you can plan your agenda and get up to the date information. Some apps will allow you to get further information about speakers as well as networking opportunities.

Make a list of your priorities and realize not all will go as planned.

Will you miss out on things? More than likely. Don’t worry about it! There are going to be events that overlap, simply choose what is the most important to you.

Never follow the herd mentality.

There may be less popular sessions which will be more essential and productive for you. Meet people on social media, in person or otherwise – try to be as productive as possible.

Use breakfast as a gateway.

It is possible to make many connections at breakfast while guards are down and people are just people. Try to network and meet during these early hours before things get to hectic.

Enjoy Yourself!

Despite the fact that conferences are usually jam-packed, there are always times to simply sit back and enjoy yourself. Find these less formal moments during the conference and make the connections you need to succeed!

How To Survive And Thrive At The Networking Conference

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