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Remember Bard? Google’s conversational AI assistant. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to that name, because as of February 8th 2024, Bard is officially called Gemini. But this isn’t just a simple rebranding; it’s a strategic shift reflecting Google’s ambitious vision for its AI technology.

Why was Bard Changed to Gemini?

Bard was primarily associated with the chatbot aspect of Google’s AI, while Gemini, the actual name of the underlying language model, embodies the broader, more powerful technology at its core. This name change better reflects Google’s investment in cutting-edge AI research and development.

Gemini isn’t just a chatbot anymore. It’s the AI engine powering various Google services, from generating recommendations in Google Ads to analysing text and images across different platforms. This unified branding reinforces the idea that Gemini is a comprehensive AI solution, not just a singular product.

Expanding Accessibility

With the launch of the Gemini app, Google is making its AI assistant accessible on mobile platforms, opening up its capabilities to a wider audience. Additionally, the introduction of a paid ‘Gemini Advanced‘ tier caters to users who seek more powerful AI features.

This transformation isn’t just about a name change; it’s a statement of intent. Google is positioning Gemini as a major player in the rapidly evolving AI landscape, competing with giants like OpenAI and Microsoft. The new name, mobile app, and tiered access options all point towards a more ambitious and accessible future for Google’s AI assistant.

What does this mean for you? If you were previously using Bard, don’t worry! All your existing interactions and data have been seamlessly transferred to Gemini. You can continue to enjoy the same features and functionalities, now under the new name.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
02/22/2024 03:31 pm GMT

How Gemini Can Enhance Your Content Creation 

For bloggers and content creators, Gemini can be a helpful tool offering assistance in content generation, research, and optimisation, but it’s important to use it with realistic expectations.


  • Brainstorming: Gemini can spark creativity by suggesting topics, blog outlines, and even generating draft sections based on your input.
  • Research Support: It can access and process vast amounts of information, helping you find relevant sources and material for your content.
  • Basic SEO Insights: While not a guaranteed ranking solution, Gemini can assist with basic SEO practices like suggesting relevant keywords and analysing content structure.


  • Not a Replacement: Gemini is not a magic wand for content creation just like any other AI assistant. Its output usually requires editing and revision to ensure accuracy, originality, and quality.
  • Limited Audience Understanding: While it can analyse trends and suggest topics, it lacks the human capacity to truly understand individual audience preferences or the subtleties of human connection.
  • SEO Complexity: Advanced SEO strategies involve factors beyond simple keyword usage, such as backlinks and website structure. Gemini’s assistance may not be sufficient for these complexities.

In conclusion, the expansion to mobile and the potential of ‘Gemini Advanced’ offer exciting possibilities for exploring the power of AI in your daily work life. Whether you’re a casual user or you use it for business, Gemini represents a step forward in Google’s AI journey and one that you can be a part of.

Google's Bard is now Gemini: a powerful AI shift. Explore advanced tech, unified branding, & mobile access.

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