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Most people love the idea of an open-concept design. This look will give any residence – whether a detached home, townhouse or condominium – a spaciousness feeling and allows for more interaction among family and friends.

In homes with a small amount of square footage, an open concept can be hard to achieve when you want rooms with privacy. To keep an open-concept look and include the privacy you will sometimes need, consider one or more glass walls to divide your space, especially if you work from home.

Good Uses for Glass Walls

Office Space

Instead of an office that’s completely closed off from the family, opt for a glass-walled room off your central living area.

With a glass wall, the office space will feel open and airy. It will provide a gorgeous and distinctive look in your home, remain part of the primary living space, and give you that bit of privacy you sometimes need.

You can keep the doors open while you work or close the doors when you want to shut out any noise but still see what’s going on in the house.

Glass dividing wall


A glass-walled room for your children to play in is an excellent solution for many homes. While your children play here, you’re able to keep an eye on them even when you’re fixing meals in the kitchen or working from your office.

With a glass door, you can shut out the noise, while still seeing everything that’s going on inside the room. Your children will also love a glass-walled playroom because it will feel less claustrophobic and more like a part of the actual living area of the home.

Sitting Area

Sometimes it’s nice just to have a separate area to sit and read or listen to music in private. With a small glass-walled room, you can keep a lovely library with your favourite books and your music collection that’s apart from the central living area.

Include a couple of comfortable chairs and ottomans, and you’re all set. When you want to get away from the television or merely be by yourself, you can close the door and relax, but you can still see what’s happening in your home.

When not in use, you’ll appreciate the open look that the glass wall provides and how spacious your home will feel.

Even in small residences, you can make your home feel larger than it is, while still giving you and your family the functionality that you need.

In many instances, privacy doesn’t have to mean a closed-off room that will make your home look even smaller.

Try glass walls in your design for a unique appearance and a great way to separate the space in your home without sacrificing the open-concept design that you love.

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