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Since writing this blog post, Bide never received an investment from Deborah Meaden, and the company has been struggling ever since. There is still a sign-up form on their website for home manufacturers, but as far as I’m aware, this has never come to fruition. I will update this post if anything changes.

Bide Founder

Amelia Gammon is the founder of Bide. You may have seen her successful pitch on Dragons’ Den recently where Deborah Meaden decided to invest. (See the Dragons’ Box was featured on the program!)

Amelia’s company empowers people to upgrade to eco-conscious lives. She’s spent most of her life researching to find the most environmentally sound ways of living and is trying to support the planet along with the people on it, while successfully living an eco-friendly lifestyle herself. 

Bide was formed on two distinct pillars. One was to help the planet, the other was to help the people who live on the planet.

Amelia Gammon - Bide.

Bide Home Manufacturing Network

Bide produces eco-conscious goods through a home manufacturing network. This removes the barriers for people enabling them to change their situation and earn a living. All of Bide eco cleaning products are handmade in kitchens throughout the UK. No prior experience or skills are necessary to join the network.

Bide believe that, given the chance, everyone has something to offer and is capable of making a valuable contribution to society regardless of their background.

Home workers who have signed up to produce Bide products can choose how often or how little they would like to work and state how much they want to produce so that work fits the needs of their homes and daily lives.

Bide will then send out the raw ingredients and the training along with all the packaging so that they can make those goods.

Once finished, the goods are then returned Bide headquarters to be assembled and sent
out to customers.

Bide aims to roll home working out across the whole of the UK. If you’d like to become one of Bide’s home manufacturers, you can register your interest on the Bide website. The brand says the only pieces of equipment required to become a home manufacturer are weighing scales, mixing bowls, mixing utensils and a mask.

Bide Products

All of Bide’s products are vegan and made from natural plant-derived ingredients that are non-toxic. There’s a complete range of eco-friendly, plastic and chemical-free products to clean all areas of your home, fragranced with natural essential oils.

Customers can buy products individually or subscribe and receive an eco-cleaning box with a month’s supply of household items that they need to clean the whole home and a tree is planted every time a box is delivered!

These boxes contain items such as dishwasher powder, eco toilet cleaning bombs, washing-up liquid and more.

All of the products are packaged in 100 per cent recycled and compostable or biodegradable packaging.

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