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A considerable part of our monthly budget after the mortgage or bills, is the car. We need a car to get everywhere, and it’s a lifeline that, if we were to rely on public transport, would take us a lot more time to get anywhere. Saying this, your car is so expensive, and trying to save money on the upkeep of your car is one of those things that everybody has an opinion on. But, when you are trying to save money, are there any things you can do with your car as it is?

Have You Checked Under The Hood? Finding Ways To Save Money On Your Car Upkeep

Driving More Sensibly

It all depends on your own skill as a driver, but there are many ways for you to drive more sensibly, and more economically. There are some handy hints on but if you drive more sensibly in general, you will end up saving money on your car insurance.

It’s not just about driving like you are chauffeuring Miss Daisy around, there are so many different aspects of your driving that can get you cheaper car insurance. You can look online for the best deals, but, the fact is, there are so many different factors that can get you cheaper insurance. Now, many insurance companies provide you with an app that monitors your driving skills, and if you are of a high standard, you can get cheaper insurance.

Plan Your Trips

Plan your trips and combine any errands that you have to do to minimize unnecessary mileage and maximize fuel efficiency.

Being An Amateur Mechanic

We can feel that, sometimes, the cost of getting the car fixed or even something as little as a tire change can drain us financially. This is why it pays to know the very basics.

If you are someone who’s never looked under the hood of your car, there are so many resources online to give you the basics in changing the oil, topping up the water, changing the wipers and so forth.

By spending some time on the basics, and knowing that you need to keep your tyres inflated by a certain amount, you will see how much these things can save you money.

Pay For Your Fuel Smartly

Some people drive out of their way to find a cheaper service station, but there are other ways of saving you money on your fuel. You can look for a credit card that offers cashback on fuel purchases.

Not only this but by ensuring that you don’t wait until your tank is nearly empty to fill up, you will save wearing the engine down. Also, think about filling your tank to about 95% capacity. The temptation to top off the tank, so it will last you longer, can backfire. If you park the car on hills, you could very easily lose a little bit of fuel, which, if you do this regularly, will add up.

Choosing certain ways to save money on your car upkeep can be a great way to save money on one of the biggest expenses every month. Everybody complains that their car is bankrupting them, but do these people know exactly how to save money on their car upkeep, or are they just accepting it as fact that their car is expensive? Here is a fact, it doesn’t have to be!

practical tips to cut car expenses: from driving sensibly for lower insurance rates, DIY maintenance, smart fuel strategies, to cost-effective trips.

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