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There are very few survey sites that I will use, mainly because I’ve spent hours on them for very little money. I tried Prolific for 4 weeks to see what could realistically be earned.

At first, with some survey sites, you tend to get a lot of studies, and then they slow down. So I wanted to write my review after a month to give you a more realistic figure after reading other reviews claiming you can earn £300 per month.

I must admit I thought this was possible when I started, but life gets in the way of taking studies, and you may miss a few.

Prolific is different from many other survey sites. You don’t get screened out of surveys, which is great news. There’s nothing more annoying than getting halfway through a survey only to be told you aren’t eligible.

Answer The About You Questions

When you first sign up, make sure that you answer all the questions about yourself, this is so that you receive the maximum amount of studies available targeted to your age and interests.

Prolific About You

Pay Attention To The Questions

You must pay attention when doing your studies. There are often questions to catch you out to see if you are paying attention. You must read everything!

Maximise your earnings by using the Prolific assistant, this is a Chrome extension that monitors and notifies you when surveys are available.

Using the extension is much better than waiting for email notifications to come through. Prolific doesn’t send notifications for every survey and you will miss out. By using this extension, or leaving prolific open in your browser, making sure you are logged in, and checking often, you will get to the studies quicker and be able to earn more.

Notice that there is a set number of places available for each study and they fill up quickly, so you have to act fast. As you can see in the image below there are 68 places available and 63 are already taken.

Not all studies can be done on a mobile device, so have your laptop available.

Who Is Prolific Best For?

I think Prolific is ideal for anyone who is at home working or stay-at-home mums, mainly because you won’t be able to earn as much if you’re going out to work full time. I’ve found studies don’t tend to come through as frequently at the weekends, most come through during the working week and often early in the morning.

What Can You Realistically Earn?

From my experience, £50 -£60 per month is achievable. By the end of the 4 weeks, I’d earned £55.25 and a few submissions were waiting to be approved so it was nearer the £60 mark. (Update 2024: I make around £70-£100.)

This isn’t a bad amount really, every little adds up and I haven’t found any other survey site to match this one so far. It’s great to do in your spare time and the studies are interesting.

Fancy trying Prolific yourself? Try Prolific Here

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Prolific is different to many other survey sites, you don't get screened out of surveys which is great news! You can  make around £70 - £100 per month.

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