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What Are Low Content And No Content Books?

Low content books contain very little content. These come in the form of ruled notebooks, cursive writing exercise books, planners and colouring books etc. No content books like sketchbooks don’t have any content other than page numbers or a border around each page.

Where can I Publish Low Content Books?

You can publish low content books on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). All you need to do is create an interior and cover, upload your manuscript and book cover, enter the details, keywords and choose a price. Amazon KDP does the rest of the work by printing and sending your book to the customer.

Make money selling low content books

How Do You Promote Low Content Books?

You can promote low content books in a variety of ways. Share them on social media, add your book to your own website, pay for Amazon Ads, send them to your email list. You could even create a Youtube channel. Pinterest is a good place to promote your book as well. I managed to get my first two sales a week after starting to create books by promoting on Pinterest, Twitter and my own website.

Do Low Content Books Sell?

Yes they do! As an example take a look at the book below, this is a very simple book and easy to create.

Notebook: Black Onyx, Lined, Soft Cover, Letter Size (8.5 x 11) Notebook: Large Composition Book, Journal.

This book, at the time of writing this post, has a BSR of 1,384,937 on Amazon.com. If I put the details in this Amazon book sales calculator you will see the monthly and daily sales.

This book currently makes 82 sales per month. If the publisher is earning, for example, a $2 royalty, then it’s making around $164 per month. By creating more books, it’s possible to make a very healthy monthly income.

Remember that this income is passive and you only need to create your books once! There are many publishers that make thousands per month.

Low Content Book Interiors

When you first start, you can buy premade interiors, and a good place to buy them is Creative Fabrica. I love this website and use it all the time. Book Bolt has many ready to use interiors too. When you become more experienced, it’s worth learning to create your own interiors.

How Can I Design My Own Book Cover?

There are people on Fiverr who can design KDP covers for a reasonable price. This is a good option if you don’t want to spend time designing yourself.

Amazon provides templates to help guide you and keep your design within the print area. These can be upload to Canva or other design software. They also have their own cover creator, but it’s not really suited for low content books and limited.

The easiest and fastest way I’ve found to create covers is by using Book Bolt.

Book Bolt gives any new users a free 3-day trial, and I have a 20% discount should you decide to subscribe. Enter the code: suefoster at checkout and save some money.

Making money selling low content books is a great side hustle, it can be done at home in your spare time and doesn’t cost a lot to get started.

Happy publishing!

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