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When the chill arrives, there’s nothing better than being able to curl up inside your home and ride out the inclement weather in style. You’ve got those winter movies and TV shows in your queue, the lights are low, and you don’t have a care in the world. Or at least that’s the idea. If you’re one of those people who winces every time you open your energy bill, you’re probably reluctant to turn on the heating. Alas, this means all the good things about winter in the home are ruined! So let’s fix that. Below, we run through some sensible ideas for lowering the costs of heating your home, which will allow you to stay warm all winter long.

How to Lower the Costs of Heating Your Home

Lower Your Thermostat

Even if you can afford to use as much energy to heat your home as it takes, it’s possible that you’re wasting money. Most people are guilty of having their thermostat set too high, and there can be a big difference in the monthly bill depending on the temperature. Remember, the important thing is to keep the chill at bay, not to be “hot.” Turn it down a few degrees; you won’t notice a difference in the comfort levels, but will notice a difference in how much it costs you.

Change the Source

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to settle for whatever tariff is set for you by your usual energy supplier. You’ll always have options, some of which could severely reduce the amount of money you end up spending each month. For instance, instead of heating your home using gas, you can use oil. Take a look at Gas Oil Fuelbox, and you’ll be on your way to spending less money to heat your home. If that’s not an option, then take another look at your gas supplier – it’s possible that there’s a better tariff for you than the one you’re currently on.

Seal Off Rooms

We talk about “heating the home,” but really, that’s not what we should be trying to do. There’s little point in heating the whole place, because we don’t use all the rooms. If you turn off the heating supply to the rooms that aren’t being used, such as your guest rooms and so on, then you’ll quickly see the size of your bill drop. It only makes to heat those rooms where it makes a difference to your comfort levels, such as your living room, bedroom, and bathroom.

Kitchen Hacks

There’s a good kitchen heating hack that you should make the most of. Everyone likes to get into the kitchen and bake something when the weather outside is terrible, right? If not, you should. You’ll be warm when you’re making it, warm when you eat it, and, if you leave the door of the oven open, the hot air will be able to circulate around your home.  

Finally, remember, the warmer you dress, the less you need to warm your home. Thermals, layers, and long-sleeves are all essential during the winter!

How to Lower the Costs of Heating Your Home

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