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What is Diva Dog Bakery?

Diva Dog Bakery is a comprehensive, A-Z course that will help you start a dog treat business from your kitchen.

Whether the goal is to earn an extra $500 – $2,500+ per month or create a full-time income recurring revenue business, Diva Dog Bakery will teach you exactly what you need to know to create a thriving dog treat bakery.

With over 1,700 happy students in different parts of the world and new success stories every day, Diva Dog Bakery is the premier online dog treat business course.

The brand has grown into something bigger than simply a course. In 2022, Diva Dog Bakery hosted its first in-person conference in Nashville, Tennessee that brought together a group of students for hands-on educational opportunities with leading experts as well as networking opportunities.

In 2023, Diva Dog Bakery is working on establishing several key brand partnerships as well as creating a virtual conference for those who cannot attend in person. 

Homemade dog treats with blueberries.

Who Founded Diva Dog Bakery?

Diva Dog Bakery was founded by Kristin Larsen. The course is based on her years of experience running her own highly successful dog treat bakery.

Additional Course Points

  • No baking experience is required. In the course, Kristin shares best-selling dog treat recipes that she personally developed and used.
  • Homemade dog treats are in high demand and sell well nearly everywhere. Students have had a wide range of successes from opening a brick-and-mortar store, selling via mobile trucks, selling wholesale, selling in-person, selling online via Etsy or Shopify and more. 
  • A dog treat business can be scaled as needed. Some students take limited pre-orders only, allowing them to produce only as many treats as they can handle. Other students are starting small with plans to scale later (e.g., after their child starts school, in retirement).
  • This is a great family business. Kids love to be involved in this business!

Industry Stats

  • U.S. dog treat sales continue to rise with a 9.6% increase from $3.21 billion in 2021 to $3.54 billion in 2022.
    • While the U.S. makes up about 40% of the pet industry, the growth is in no way specific to the U.S. Global growth trends are skyrocketing as well, and the global pet industry as a whole is expected to reach $325.74 billion in 2028. (source)
  • 92% of U.S. dog owners reported that they purchased dog treats or chews in the last 12 months (source)

A recent study found that 61% of dog owners are concerned about the safety of the treats they purchase. (source) 

A review of peanut butter dog treats.

Some Recent Student Achievements

  • Brittany offered her first pre-order and sold 27 dozen treats
  • Elaina sold out halfway through her first farmers’ market
  • Kelsey received her first wholesale order of over 300 treats
  • Rachael made 3.5x her booth fee at her first farmers’ market
  • Randi sold $600 in porch pick-ups in the first few weeks after launching her bakery
  • Denice received over 150 orders for a Christmas treat package from a single Instagram post
  • Mariah received a $130+ order within two days of launching her bakery website
  • Samantha attended her first farmers’ market and sold out of every treat despite the all-day pouring rain
  • Nikki, Carmen, Juliana and so many more students have wholesaled their treats to a variety of businesses from hotels to boutiques to veterinary offices
Randi's review.
Jen's review.

What Students Will Learn Inside the Course

Practice Makes Perfect

We’ll review what ingredients and baking tools we use in our kitchen (but always recommend using what you have), as well as how to preserve your dog treats naturally.

Go From Hobby to Business

Next, it’s time to formalize this endeavour – easily! Learn how to form your business so you can legally sell dog treats. Don’t worry, it’s simpler than it sounds.

Presentation is Everything

Learn the secret to presenting and packaging your treats with pizzazz. Plus, we’ll cover a fool-proof method to efficiently get everything packaged and shipped.

How to Price Your Treats

Take the confusion out of how to price your treats. We’ll break down the pricing structure for you so you’re ready to roll and actually make a profit!

Where to Sell Your Treats

Whether you want to sell your treats in person, online or both, we’ve got your back! We’ll share proven strategies to get your baked goods in the marketplace using easy-to-follow techniques.

How to Accept Payment

Keeping the money flowing means being ready to receive it! We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about accepting payments.

Shipping and Delivery

We’ll review our preferred packaging and shipping method and cover what you must include in your packages, including in those hot summer months.

Promote Your Business

It’s time to announce your brand new business – and we’ve got the BEST ways to promote it (for free!). Get excited because now it’s time to share what you’ve been baking in the kitchen with the world!

Homemade bone-shaped dog biscuits.

Helpful Bonuses

Dog Treat Recipe Book / Video Tutorials: $99 value

We’re sharing the exact recipes we spent months perfecting that went on to become best-sellers online and in person! 

Inside our recipe book, you’ll find easy-to-follow directions that you can bake from scratch, even if you have no experience in the kitchen. Watch our video tutorials on our more challenging recipes, along with photos of our treats.

10+ Guaranteed Analysis / Nutrition Labels: $499 value

Required by certain states in the U.S., we provide you with the exact information needed for several of our dog treats that will save you HUNDREDS of dollars in lab analysis fees. We add new guaranteed analysis labels throughout the year.

30 Days FREE Access to Diva Dog Bakery Facebook Group: $19/month value

This is where the magic happens! You’ll receive support from the entire Diva Dog Bakery team and a community of peers who will encourage you, provide feedback, offer advice and be your biggest cheerleaders.

Want to learn more about this lucrative side hustle? Check out this workshop my friend Kristin is hosting!

Whether the goal is to earn an extra $500 – $2,500+ per month or create a full-time income recurring revenue business, Diva Dog Bakery will teach you exactly what you need to know to create a thriving dog treat bakery.

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