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Is User Testing the Side Hustle You've Been Searching For?

After watching a couple of YouTubers and hearing about the money they made over a month with User Testing, I thought I’d give it a shot as I wanted to boost my income.

How Much Does User Testing Pay? offers an opportunity to earn $10 for providing feedback on websites, requiring around 20 minutes of work. Participants are tasked with browsing a website and offering honest feedback on its usability and overall user experience.

When a company posts a job on, users can accept the task, spend the allocated time exploring the website, and then provide their feedback. This feedback aims to assist companies in improving the intuitiveness of their websites for users.

Pass The Initial Test

I made sure to follow the instructions on how to pass the initial test to be accepted for User Testing, and I managed to pass it on my first attempt. Great! I thought. Now I can earn some extra cash.

Waiting For Tests

The reality was a bit different. Since passing and having the site open in the background while I work, I’ve only seen a couple of tests appear in the last month or so.

Before being allowed to participate in any tests, you must complete these test qualifiers. These qualifiers serve the purpose of ensuring that you match the specific criteria the company is seeking in individuals who provide feedback on their website, app, or any other product.

One test qualifier disappeared quickly, depriving me of the chance to attempt it, while for the other qualifier, that I managed to click on, I didn’t qualify. I haven’t seen any more qualifiers since!

Is User Testing Worth It?

No, User Testing isn’t worth it in my opinion. Who wants to be glued to their computer all day, hoping they might be accepted for a test? And by ‘glued’, I mean you have to watch for tests and grab them before they disappear.

Sometimes, it’s just better to call it quits. I mean, seriously, the amount of time you will have to put into answering qualifiers before even getting a shot at taking a test is not worth it. And let’s face it, most of the time, you’ll find yourself waiting around or disqualified because you don’t fit what they’re looking for. It’s just frustrating.

I recommend signing up for if you want to make some spare cash on the side. Studies on Prolific do not screen you out, or you might prefer creating digital products or starting a blog in your spare time.

User Testing Surveys (Update 24/04/24)

I’ve recently noticed that surveys are new to UserTesting, so I’ll leave the tab open to see how many surveys come up.

24/04/24 – Nothing

25//04/24 – A survey popped up for $1 and I was screened out.

The truth about earning through User Testing. Explore the process, earnings, and frustrations.

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