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Make Money With Branded Surveys (previously called MintVine). This is one of the survey sites that I’ve used for a while. It didn’t take me long to cash out my first $10, so this is one of the better sites and worth trying out.

Branded Surveys is open to US and UK residents. You earn by points where each point is worth 1 cent. 500 points are required to cash out which is $5, so you don’t have to wait for too long to get your money or gift card like other survey sites.

Branded Surveys offers plenty of surveys per week so it’s easy to reach your payout quickly. There are free and paid offers available too. You can have your payments sent by PayPal cash payments which is what I prefer.

There are also plenty of other ways, such as receiving e-gift cards to spend in shops and restaurants, or prepaid virtual visa.

Make Money With MintVine

Earn Rewards By Completing Surveys

Earn a weekly bonus when you complete at least 12 surveys per week. Your bonus is a percentage of your total approved survey points for the week.

The more surveys you complete advances you through Bronze, Silver and Gold badge levels. Each badge level rewards bonus points when you complete 12, 20 or 30+ surveys each week.

Your bonus is a percentage of your total approved survey points for the week (Monday-Sunday).
Bonus Points are awarded on Sundays at 6PM PST following quality reviews. Your surveys must remain in an Approved status in order to earn a bonus!

Refer Friends and Earn

Members can earn additional points by referring their friends and gaining them from their activities. Refer a friend & get 50 points the first time they earn a Silver badge!

The first step to making money is to create a profile so Branded Surveys can match you to the surveys that you are qualified for.

Create a profile to get started

Make money doing surveys with Branded Surveys.

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