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Temu is an online marketplace similar to AliExpress and Amazon that offers a vast range of products, including clothing, shoes, jewellery, beauty products, electronics, pet supplies, home supplies, and lots more. The big difference is that the prices are much lower. Not only can you save money, but you can make money with the Temu Affiliate Progam and earn up to £100,000 per month. Temu allows you to earn up to £100,000 per month.

If you make a Qualifying Purchase, you may receive up to £100 commission per order. However, if you earn £100,000 commission in a calendar month, you will not receive a commission for additional Qualifying Purchases in that month.

Join the Temu affiliate program

On the website, you’ll find some fantastic offers of heavily discounted goods that are mostly shipped to consumers directly from China. The platform allows China-based vendors to sell and ship directly to customers without having to rely on warehouses in the destination country.

Online purchases on Temu can be made using an Internet browser or through their mobile app. Download the App here.

Who Owns Temu?

Temu is owned and operated by PDD Holdings Inc., a Shanghai-based company that also owns Pinduoduo, a popular online commerce platform in China. PDD Holdings is a Chinese-based company that is registered in the Cayman Islands.

Temu Affiliate Program

Anyone can join the Temu affiliate program, which offers up to 20% commission and a £3 download reward for every new user referred. Temu’s affiliate program is an easy way for digital content creators, bloggers, and publishers to monetize their content. You don’t need to be an influencer, Temu has open rules for everyone. 

Temu Commission

Up To 20%

The commission is earned when a registered Temu App user, who has not placed an order before, clicks through or engages with the Qualifying Code to purchase an item sold or services offered on Temu with the coupon labelled with the Qualifying Code. The commission is not earned if the user cancels or returns the order in full or in part. See the commission rates below:

Actual Payment/per Qualifying Purchase Commission Rate
£0-£49.99 5%
£50-£99.99 10%
£100+ 20%

£3 Download Reward

If you refer a new user to the Temu App using your Qualifying Code, you will receive a reward of £3. A new user is defined as a real person who has not previously had an account on the Temu platform or downloaded the Temu App and registered an account. However, if the device used to download the Temu App has downloaded it before, the user will not be qualified as a new user.

Once your balance has reached £20 you can withdraw into your PayPal account.

Welcome Gift

As a welcome gift for joining Temu’s affiliate program, your account will be credited with £3. Also, when you first share your affiliate link, you’ll be credited with £2, so you can easily earn £5  just for joining.

Temu Coupon Code

Customers can use a coupon code to get discounts on their purchases at Temu. Your referrals get a £100 coupon bundle as a new app user and 30% off via your link/code as their first downloaded gift. (Discount amount is subject to change.)

As an affiliate you will be provided with a coupon code like my code here: afz19130 as well as an affiliate link.

How to Share Your Temu Link and Coupon Code

Coupon sites are popular among people who love discounts. To get high returns, all you need to do is submit your link or code to these sites.

Add your link to your social bio. This is an easy way to get your link noticed and you’ll benefit when anyone places an order through your link.

Place your link or code in any blog posts that you write or add them to existing relevant posts

You can send your Affiliate Link/Code to your family, friends, or colleagues with any messaging app such as WhatsApp, text messages, Facebook Messenger etc. Or you could send an email to them with the code/link.

How to Share Links to Individual Products

Product links are not automatically affiliated at present but will be available soon. To share a product when you are logged in to your account, copy the link from the share icon next to the product you wish to promote. Simply hover over it and it will give you options to share or copy the link. See the icon highlighted in the image below:

The best way to promote individual products a the moment is by adding your coupon code alongside the product link and explaining any benefits/discounts the customer will get for downloading the app.

Don’t forget to disclose any affiliate links properly in blog posts and when sharing on social media!

Final Word

With the cost of living rising, Temu will appeal to a wide range of customers looking for products at affordable prices. The diverse range of products across various industries makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a one-stop shop for their shopping needs. So it’s worth signing up as an affiliate to earn some extra money, or just to shop for bargains.

Become a Temu Affiliate Here

Shop Temu Here

Use my coupon code: afz19130

Discover Temu, the go-to online marketplace with unbeatable prices on clothing, electronics, and more. Join the Temu Affiliate Program and earn up to a maximum £100,000 monthly earnings.

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