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Most entrepreneurs take their websites for granted. In fact, I’m sure that if you asked one about this, they would agree that they do. That’s probably because they have bigger fish to fry when it comes to business matters. However, that’s still no excuse to neglect a professional website, as it can play a big part in your company’s marketing and the public awareness of it.

Do you think that you might be guilty of forgetting about your website? Here are a few things that you should never forget.

What Do Most Entrepreneurs Forget About Their Website

Linking To Social Media

Once your website is live, you need to ensure that there are links that will take visitors to all your company’s social media profiles. In fact, most website builders like Squarespace and WordPress themes, give you the chance to add these links as social media buttons. This then encourages web users to click through to your profiles and follow you. You might even find that linking to your platforms on your website is one of the most effective ways of growing your social media following.

Add a Search Bar

A website should have a search bar because it enhances user experience by allowing quick access to specific information, products, or content. When a website lacks a search bar, it can be frustrating and time-consuming for users to find what they need, potentially driving them away.

Proofread All Content

Ideally, your website needs to feature a blog, as this is a great way to capitalize on all the content marketing benefits that blogging can bring. Just remember that any content needs to be thoroughly proofread before you hit publish. This is also the case with other website copy as well. People won’t be impressed if they read a blog post that is littered with typos, and this could reflect badly on your company.

Add Security

All good IT support will tell you that it is imperative to add the necessary cyber security measurements to all websites these days. If you run an e-commerce platform on yours, then this is especially the case. Good security measures will give your customers the peace of mind needed to make purchases online. If they are in any doubt whatsoever about the security of your site, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

Contact Details

Do you want to know why the majority of people look at company websites? It’s to try and find the contact details of the business in question. So, make sure that these are somewhere accessible on your site so people don’t have any trouble finding them. If they can’t find out how to contact you, they might simply turn to your competitors instead. Try using a contact form.

Not Promoting It Enough

Once you have set up a website for your business, you need to start promoting it. It’s worth mentioning it in your email newsletter so that all your current customers know about it. You should also link to it on your social media platforms and include its URL on any marketing materials that you release. This can help improve the web traffic, and will also have a positive impact on its SEO.

Hopefully, you never forget about any of these website points or else your business’s online presence might take a dive. So, always bear these in mind whenever you work on a new site!

Essential website must-dos for entrepreneurs: Add a search bar, proofread content, boost security, provide contact details, and promote it effectively.

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