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Working from home can be the ideal solution for some people. Maybe you want flexibility, maybe you want the freedom of working for yourself or perhaps your situation means working a standard job isn’t really suitable.

Simple Ways to Boost Productivity When You Work From Home

Either way, for the right kind of person working as a freelancer, blogger, running a business from home or working from home in any other capacity is the ideal solution for them. However, with no boss to answer to, you need to make sure you stay as productive as possible. Here are some ideas for going about it.

Create a home office

A home office gives you a nice, distraction-free place to get on with your work. You’re not being tempted by the fridge or having your focus pulled away by the tv. Instead, you’ve got everything you need at hand to work through your tasks.

Give the room a refresh, light and neutral walls make the most of the space and make any room look bigger and brighter. Invest in some new office furniture – a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair are essential when this is where you’ll be sitting for most of the day.

Avoid adding too much personal clutter to the home office, instead, add some living plants which are fuss-free and look professional. Research has shown they boost mood and productivity in the workplace.

Get dressed in the morning

Working in pyjamas might seem like one of the biggest benefits of working from home. However, it’s actually much better to get yourself up and dressed – it puts you in a far better frame of mind and gets you mentally prepared for a day of work.

I used to do this, I’d just get up and start working. I’d end up getting dressed mid-morning. If you get dressed straight away it makes you feel much fresher and more organised.

When you’re working from home, this is particularly important as you need to be able to self-motivate. Without a boss breathing down your neck it’s up to you to ensure that your deadlines get met and your work gets done or your venture simply won’t be successful. You’ll damage your reputation and could lose yourself, customers and clients.

You don’t have to get up and put on a business suit, but having a shower and changing into actual clothes can definitely improve your frame of mind and therefore your productivity levels.

Set your working hours

Often when we work for ourselves, it can be difficult to find the work/ life balance. When you know you’re solely responsible for bringing in enough money to live on (without the stability of a wage) it’s tempting to overwork yourself. However, it’s often counterproductive to do this.

Work smarter, not longer – if you set working hours and stick with them it gives you enough time off each week for you to clear your head. How many times have you had tunnel vision with a project, taken some time away and instantly solved the issue when you’ve returned?

We often need ‘fresh eyes’ to approach situations and the only way we can do this is by having time off. Time off also prevents burnout and results in better productivity during your working hours.

You don’t have to work Monday to Friday, nine to five if you don’t want to, after all, flexibility is what makes working from home great. But you should set how many hours you intend on working each week and not going over this.

Simple Ways to Boost Productivity When You Work From Home

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