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Many of us are striving to change our lifestyles to feel healthier and better. But often this is associated with spending more money and not saving it, am I right?

You assume you have to buy organic or fresh ingredients with the perception this is more expensive. You might think that being fit requires an expensive gym membership to help you get there.

Three ways to change your lifestyle and save money

The truth is, there are lifestyle changes we can make that can actually improve our lives and enable us to save money rather than spend more of it.

I wanted to share with you just three of the ways you could do it, but there are so many more to try. Once you start you may find you are making further changes.

Getting a pet dog

A dog is a commitment, I understand that and it can certainly mean that there is some form of expense involved such as dog food and essentials they may need like a dog collar and lead but actually there are further savings along the way that far outweigh the initial costs.

A dog will require daily exercise and will need to be walked at least a couple of times a day. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and eliminates your need for an expensive gym membership this gives you that saving straight away.

Your quality of life changes, especially if you live on your own, as instead of needing to be sociable for the company, you have the company at home from your pet. This could also be a saving that could be made. You’ll also meet people when out walking your dog and form new friendships.

Meal planning

Planning meals may be an obvious one when it comes to saving money. After all, if you are armed with a list when you head to the supermarket you are bound to save money.

Doing *food shopping online allows you to budget and plan easily too. Meal planning can also help you to be healthier and make healthier choices in terms of the food that you eat.

The perception is that healthy food is expensive, and fresh ingredients come with a price tag, but only buying what you need may mean you spend less than you would on the convenience food you may normally choose.

Cooking from scratch may seem like a chore, but it is far cheaper and healthier than buying convenience food or having a takeaway every week and it certainly helps to improve your bank balance and your waistline.

Ditch the bad habits

Finally, all of us will have bad habits. Some big, some small, but could ditching one of them save you money and improve your lifestyle?

For example, do you like to enjoy a daily glass of wine? If you do this most nights then ditching the habit of drinking during the week could save you a fair bit each week.

The same could be said for smoking, even the biscuit addiction you have, or whatever it may be. Try ditching one of your bad habits and tally up the savings you might be making.

I hope that this has encouraged you to change your lifestyle in just small ways, you will see a big difference if you put them into practice.

Three ways to change your lifestyle and save money.

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