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Are you tired of the same old meals every dinner time and looking for inspiration? Then why not try out a meal kit and have the ideas sent straight to your door? Let’s look at how SimplyCook works and whether it’s good value for money.


What is SimplyCook?

SimplyCook is a meal-based subscription service. But unlike other meal kits, SimplyCook provides you with stock pots, recipe cards and a few extras like garnishes, seasonings and marinades. The main ingredients of the meal, such as the meat and vegetables, you will need to buy from your local supermarket or high street shops.

Who is behind SimplyCook?

SimplyCook was founded by Oliver Ashness in 2014. He started the company to provide a solution for those wanting to have an alternative to other food delivery services. The idea for SimplyCook came to him when he realised how time-consuming and expensive it was to try new recipes and put good food on the table. Since its launch, SimplyCook has grown significantly, shipping out over 700,000 recipe kits every month.

How does SimplyCook work?

Just sign up to SimplyCook using the app or the website, which shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Then, choose four recipes that take your fancy. If you’re a new customer, you’ll get your first box for free. You pay £1 for delivery. It is a subscription service and you can choose to have a box delivered every week, every fortnight or every month.

Within a few days, your first kit containing your flavour pots and extras, plus step-by-step recipe cards, will arrive in the post by Royal Mail. Your recipe card will show you a list of ingredients you must buy to complete your tasty meals. But these ingredients are also listed on the SimplyCook website, so you can buy them beforehand if you want to prepare.

How does SimplyCook save you money?

SimplyCook eliminates the problem of unused ingredients that sit around in your cupboard. You only receive the specific ingredients required for each recipe, reducing food waste and saving you money. Plus, the flexible subscription model allows you to skip deliveries or adjust the frequency to match your needs.

Because you source the ingredients yourself, you can choose where to shop and how much you’re willing to spend. This is a great way to keep costs down.

Remember, the value of Simply Cook can vary greatly depending on individual cooking habits, dietary preferences, and local supermarket prices. It’s always a good idea to consider these factors when deciding whether a meal kit service is right for you.

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SimplyCook Subscription Cost

A subscription to SimplyCook costs £9.99 per box, with free delivery. The frequency of the boxes can be set to your preference. If you choose to have boxes delivered every fortnight, it will cost you £19.98 per month. If you opt for weekly deliveries, it will cost you £39.96 per month. Please note that these costs do not include the price of the main ingredients for the meals, which you will need to purchase separately.

How easy is it to cancel SimplyCook?

If you choose to cancel your Simply Cook subscription it’s pretty straightforward, you need to log into your Simply Cook account first. Then, go to the “Manage Subscription” section where you can cancel. You might be asked to give feedback on why you’re cancelling, but this step is not mandatory. After completing these steps, you should receive an email confirming the cancellation.

Alternatively, you can also email SimplyCook at and request to cancel your account.

If you’re having problems cancelling, it might be that you’re within your 7-day trial period or logged into a different account.

At present, cancellations can only be processed via the website. If you’re using the app, you’ll need to log in to

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for new meals and interesting recipes on a budget, and you don’t want unused ingredients left in the cupboard, then SimplyCook is a definite yes. It’s a flexible, affordable option that provides you with plenty of recipes to choose from. So why not give it a try for free and rediscover the simple pleasures of home cooking?

Explore new meals effortlessly! SimplyCook delivers recipe ideas and essentials to your door. Evaluate its value & enjoy a free trial.

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