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If you’re an affiliate marketer, you might be familiar with a WordPress plugin called Lasso. If not, let me introduce you to this game-changing tool. Lasso is an all-in-one solution designed to boost your site’s income. It simplifies link management and creates engaging affiliate product displays, ultimately saving you time and increasing your earnings.

Streamlining Link Management with Lasso

One of the key features of Lasso is its ability to manage your links efficiently. If you’re an Amazon affiliate, you can activate the Auto-Amazon feature in your Lasso settings. This feature scans your entire site for Amazon links and ensures they are monetised. You’d be surprised at how many unmonetised links can slip through the cracks!

Lasso also provides a centralised link management dashboard. If you need to change a link, you can easily search for it, and make your edits, and Lasso will update every instance of that link across your site. If a link breaks or a product goes out of stock, Lasso will alert you, allowing you to fix the issue and maintain your revenue stream.

Optimising Product Displays

After mastering link management, the next step is to create optimised product displays. If you’ve added Amazon links to Lasso, you’re already halfway there. Lasso automatically pulls in product images, titles, and pricing from Amazon. All you need to do is adjust your link details and insert your display into your blog posts.

Even if you’re recommending products from an unsupported retailer, Lasso has you covered. It works with every affiliate program. Simply add your link, product title, image, description, and tweak until the display meets your standards. You can then add your displays to blog posts or group them to create tables, grids, lists, and more.

Tracking and Analysing Clicks

Understanding where your clicks come from is essential for optimising your affiliate marketing strategy. By connecting Lasso to your Google Analytics account, you can track every click on a display. This data allows you to see which products are driving the most initial clicks.

For instance, if you have a top-ten list of popular products in your niche, your analytics might reveal that the 8th product is driving the most clicks to Amazon. By moving that product to the top of the list, you could see a significant increase in affiliate sales. This insight can also inform your content strategy, helping you focus on what your audience loves.

Lasso Lite

There is a free plugin available from Lasso that I was offered, and I tried it on three of my blogs. However, I discovered that it did not update my products every 24 hours, as required by Amazon.

This specific feature appeared to be a premium one, as indicated in the settings. It notified me that it was a premium feature, implying that purchasing the Premium version is necessary to comply with Amazon’s requirements.

Consequently, I reached out to the support team, and they have now addressed this issue and updated the plugin so that it now updates as intended. This free plugin would be an excellent starting point for anyone who cannot afford to upgrade immediately, allowing them to build their sales and upgrade at a later date.

In summary, Lasso is a game-changing WordPress plugin for affiliate marketing. It streamlines link management, optimises product displays, and provides detailed click tracking via Google Analytics. Even the free Lasso Lite plugin is a solid starting point, with recent updates addressing initial limitations. Whether you’re on a budget or looking for premium features, Lasso proves to be an invaluable tool to maximize your site’s income.

Boost your site’s income with Lasso, an all-in-one solution for efficient link management, engaging product displays, and click tracking.

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