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Do You Need an eBay Store?

The short answer is no, you don’t need an eBay store to sell on eBay. However, if you’re buying items to resell, you should register as a business seller. Many people are reselling items but are still using private accounts, which isn’t the right way to go about it. View eBay’s Business Seller Policy here.

Pay-As-You-Go vs. Store Subscription

As a business seller, you can list items on a pay-as-you-go basis, where you pay insertion fees for each listing and final value fees when the item sells. Recently, eBay moved to managed payments, which simplifies the fee structure.

Basic Store Subscription: Is It Worth It?

When to Get a Basic Store

If you plan to make eBay a second income or want to list lots of items, I recommend getting the Basic Store subscription from the beginning. At £27 per month, you get 250 free fixed-price listings and 100 auction listings included in the price. If you’re listing around 80 items, the Basic Store becomes financially beneficial as insertion fees for 80 items would otherwise cost £28.

Benefits of a Basic Store

  • Cost Efficiency: 250 fixed-price listings for £27 vs. 250 listings at 36p each totaling £90 without a store.
  • Professional Appearance: A customisable storefront, though it may not impact sales significantly for general sellers.
  • Holiday Mode: Useful for pausing your store when you’re away.
  • Terapeak Research Tool: Provides insights on sold items, prices, and competition.

Upgrading to a Featured Store

When to Upgrade

If your listings exceed 650 items, it’s time to consider the Featured Store at £77 per month. With this, you get 1,500 fixed-price listings and 600 auctions, which significantly reduces per-listing costs compared to the Basic Store.

Cost Breakdown

  • Basic Store: £27 for the first 250 listings, plus 10p per additional listing.
  • Featured Store: £77 for 1,500 listings, making it more economical beyond 650 listings.

The Anchor Store: For High-Volume Sellers

When to Consider an Anchor Store

If you have around 8,000 listings, the Anchor Store becomes financially viable. At £437 per month, it offers unlimited fixed-price listings and 1000 auction listings, which is ideal for large-scale sellers.

Auctions and Store Subscriptions

For those focusing on auctions:

  • Basic Store: Becomes beneficial at 80 auction listings.
  • Featured Store: Best for more than 350 auction listings.
  • Anchor Store: Ideal for over 2,500 auction listings.

Additional Perks

Higher-tier subscriptions offer added benefits like vouchers for packaging materials and other promotional tools, which can be valuable depending on your sales volume and business needs.

Final Thoughts

Understanding eBay store subscriptions can be complex, but evaluating the costs and benefits at each stage helps clarify the best choice for your business. Starting with a Basic Store is often a smart move for new sellers planning to list regularly. As your inventory grows, upgrading to a Featured Store or even an Anchor Store becomes more cost-effective and offers additional perks to streamline your selling process.

Remember, the right subscription depends on your specific selling volume and business goals. By strategically choosing the appropriate store level, you can maximize your profits and make the most of eBay’s platform. I hope this guide has made the decision-making process clearer and more manageable.

Learn if an eBay store is right for you. Understand the benefits and cost-efficiency of different store subscriptions. Start with a Basic Store, then upgrade as you grow.

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