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The majority of us are now busier than we ever have been at work. The task load never seems to reduce, and even our evenings and weekends usually involve some level of work correspondence. To top that, the idea of the lunch hour is becoming a thing of the past. Instead, many of us eat at our desks so that we can work at the same time, or get straight back to it as soon as we’re finished.

If you do this, you’re one of many. There aren’t enough hours in the day as it is, let alone if you take time out. But, we’re here to tell you that eating at your desk is never a good idea. Crumbs in your keyboard aside, this can harm rather than help productivity. That’s why we think it’s past time you forced yourself, and your team, to step away from your desks when break times roll around. If you aren’t convinced, keep on reading to find out why this is necessary.

Reduce your workplace stress

If you work for upwards of nine hours a day without ever stepping away from your desk, you’re sure to start feeling stressed out. That can do real damage to the work you produce and the ways that you approach each task. Breaks away from your desk can do more than you realise to help combat that. If you take time to step outside, you stand to see stress completely cleared when you return. You may even find that simply stepping away to make coffee with beans supplied by coffee roasters like the company 80 Stone, could help here. Coffee is especially good for stress, as caffeine helps boost mood. Before you know, then, stepping away from that desk could see you coming back de-stressed and ready to rumble.

Get a fresh frame of mind

No matter how gorgeous your office is, you’re going to struggle coming up with new ideas after looking at that same scenery for 7+ hours. The idea well will run dry in no time because you aren’t giving yourself a break. By stepping away and focusing on something else for a while, you may well come to find that you unblock yourself. You’ll undoubtedly return to that office chair with your head brimming with new thoughts and concepts.

Keep your body healthy

At the very least, taking breaks away from your desk can go some way towards keeping your body healthy. It’s no secret right now that many people are experiencing health problems as a result of their office jobs. Bad posture and back pain are just a few of the most common issues. Desk exercises can go some way towards helping here, but they can’t beat a good old walk around the block. By heading out during your break and going for a short stroll, you can do your body more good than you might realise. Even popping down the street for a slice of cake could help your health in the long-run.

Why You Should Break The Habit Of Taking Breaks At Your Desk

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