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Private Label Rights (PLR) articles are free for anyone to legally use, edit and publish as their own, they are widely used and affordable.

PLR articles frequently come in big bundles of content. Whether you’re looking for recipes for your blog, or you need brandable content for business coaching and self-development, you’ll find it available as PLR.

More exclusive collections that include a smaller number of pieces can give more unique content that is not as widely disseminated. No matter what type you choose, PLR articles can offer great benefits to your online business.

What can you do with a PLR article that will help your online business grow?

10 Ways To Use PLR Articles That Will Help Your Business

1 – Use a PLR article as web page content.

Search engines enjoy a lot of on-topic content on a website. PLR articles can fill up a more pages, improve SEO and engage visitors.

2 – Post a PLR article to your blog.

Regular blog posts improve site traffic, keep readers coming back again and again and also provides an opportunity for on-site SEO improvements.

3 – Rewrite a PLR article as a guest post.

Guest blog posts are an excellent way to expand your online reach. Private label rights articles should be rewritten when used for this purpose. If you don’t have time to rewrite yourself, you can hire someone on Fiverr to do it for you at a really reasonable price.

4 – Use PLR in your company newsletter.

Make newsletters and emails more interesting and educational by adding niche articles. The pieces can also be broken up into quick bites of information.

5 – Combine PLR articles into an e-book or report.

Several articles or reports can be combined to create a larger and potentially more lucrative e-book or other information product.

6 – Mix and match PLR to create new content.

It is quick and easy to cut and paste different articles together to create more unique content. Be sure the finished product makes sense and is easy to read.

7 – Improve your podcast with PLR.

Finding something to say in your podcast each week can be a challenge, but private label rights content can give ideas about what to say and how to say it.

8 – Create an online course or tutorial using PLR content.

People interested in a particular niche may enjoy a tutorial or on-site or email course. PLR content can be used in an educational manner.

9 – Find excellent social media posts in PLR.

Select sentences or short paragraphs from private label rights articles to use as a social media posts. Facebook and Twitter work best when you update them regularly with interesting content.

10 – Use PLR content to become a Kindle author.

An ever-increasing number of online business owners are turning to Kindle and self-publishing to improve their profits. If you are not a natural writer and do not want to hire a ghostwriter, it is possible to use PLR content to create your own books as long as the content is re-written.

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As an alternative to PLR why not try an AI powered writing tool?

10 ways to use PLR articles that will help your business.

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