Month: September 2018

  • Autumn Bucket List

    Autumn Bucket List

    Autumn Bucket List I was delighted when Jo at me to share my Autumn bucket list. It doesn’t seem long since we were on holiday and enjoying the lovely Summer, where does the time go?  Now, the leaves are changing colour and it has definitely started to feel autumnal, yet some days can still be quite […]

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  • Upcycling For Beginners

    Upcycling For Beginners

    Upcycling has a lot to offer your home. Not only will it help you save money on replacing your existing furniture, but it will also help your household to reduce waste. Upcycling can turn trash into treasure, and once you get the bug – it can be difficult to give it up. If you’ve never […]

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  • Passive Income – Earn Extra Without The Effort!

    Passive Income - Earn Extra Without The Effort!

    As the saying goes- work smarter, not harder. Earning extra money doesn’t need to be about working your hands to the bone, burning the midnight oil night after night and committing your entire life to work. If you’ve already had some success and have a little money to invest, or maybe you have savings or […]

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  • Why I’m Glad I Didn’t Give Up On My Blog

    Why I'm Glad I Didn't Give Up On My Blog

    I’ve created various blogs over the years, I’ve used free blogging platforms in the past and learnt that nothing beats a self-hosted WordPress blog. Why a self-hosted blog? With a self-hosted blog, you are fully in control and you can do so much with it. Turn it into an e-commerce store if you want! With […]

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  • The Most Common SEO Services

    The Most Common SEO Services

    SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimisation, is an integral part of any business’ online strategy. After all, it is crucial for a company to have an online presence in this day and age if they are going to grow and keep up with their competitors. SEO helps to achieve this by increasing a company’s […]

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  • The More You Waste The More You Lose

    The More You Waste, The More You Lose

    Wastes. Most people are convinced that wastes are just another name for the food that rots at the back of the kitchen cupboard. But contrary to the common belief, there are more ways to waste at home than you might know. Modern life and its sometimes harmful habits have created a waste culture that is […]

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  • Save Money with a Self-sustainable Vegetable Patch

    Save Money with a Self-sustainable Vegetable Patch

    Save Money with a Self-sustainable Vegetable Patch Producing your own food is a great way to save money. From baking bread to keeping chickens, you could reduce how much you spend on food if you make yourself more self-sustainable. Growing some fruits or vegetables is a fantastic way to reduce your reliance on supermarkets and […]

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