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When people think of things that would lower a home’s value, their minds often stray to thoughts of low curb appeal or bad neighbours: but there’s more than these that can kill a home’s price! 

When homeowners are ready to sell off their property, the last thing they want to hear is that a choice they made while owning it will lower the value of their home.

Here are four things most people don’t think about that will drop a house’s value and make it harder to sell.

4 Surprising Things that Lower a Home's Value

Grime And Dirt In The Kitchen And Bathroom

When you’re considering selling your home, before you even ask an estate agent, “What is my home worth?” you should do a deep cleaning.  This plan means scrubbing down the inside and outside of appliances, working on getting the stains out of the grout, and making sure there are no rings in your bathtub.  When potential buyers come into homes and see these areas are gross or unclean, their mind can start racing.

The pattern of thought usually goes ‘this is dirty, so it wasn’t taken care of, so there may be issues with the appliances, which means they didn’t take care of the rest of the house, which means it’s not worth what it’s listed at.’  Even if you took care of the house but just happened to be a messy cook, this could take a lot of money off of offers.

Combining Rooms, Knocking Out Walls

Unless your home has over five bedrooms, don’t knock out any walls to combine rooms into one large bedroom. 

Your property value is linked to how many rooms you have, and if you turn your three-bedroom home into a two-bedroom so that you can have a more oversized closet, you just cost yourself thousands and thousands of pounds.

This decision also makes it so that families and people who want more room will immediately dismiss your home.

Textured or Popcorn Walls And Ceilings

Although textured ceilings were created to fight back against popcorn ceilings’ ugliness, both are viewed as a little too vintage now. 

The unfortunate problem is that almost every house built before 1995 has one or the other.  There are ways to get the ceiling looking flat again or even ways to panel and decorate your ceiling, but if you have the choice of whether to add or remove popcorn ceiling: never let it touch your home.

Removing A Tub For a Huge Shower

Although most adults shower instead of bathe, and some even say they don’t like taking a full bath – getting rid of the only tub in a home will make it so fewer people are interested.

This action makes it so no families will be interested in buying the house, since it’s harder to bathe a child in a shower, it also means that many people will be disappointed in the lack of a bath. 

It may seem like a great idea at the time, and a large shower may suit your lifestyle, but for future buyers, a lack of a bathtub takes your house off their options.

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4 Surprising Things that Lower a Home's Value

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