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Real estate investments aren’t only for the wealthy and famous. Even if the capital is small or they’re starting with very little, anyone can still take advantage of it. Anyone can benefit from real estate through adequate planning and research.

Investing in real estate is perfect for both seasoned and rookie investors because it provides excellent profits, incredible tax benefits, and the opportunity to grow wealth.

If done right, real estate investing is the most lucrative asset type in a portfolio. Let’s look at why real estate investing is a viable investment option.

Purchasing a property

Real Estate Is a Physical Asset You Can See and Interact With

Anytime you invest in assets like stocks and bonds, you only have a piece of paper to represent your money. They’re intangible, and all you have are promised returns to your name. You are not the owner of anything tangible and physical. What’s worse is if the stock market falls, your paper may be of little value.

You have physical assets when you invest in real estate. You’ll be able to visit it and see its condition. Although the value of actual assets might fluctuate over time, and there is no certainty that it will increase (or even decrease), they’re still valuable assets. You would still have assets (in the form of real estate property) that can net you some returns should you ever desire to take out your investments.

And because real estate is a tangible asset, selling it takes time because you need to deal with the buyer and then go through all legal procedures. Even so, if everything goes as planned, you’ll be able to avoid losing your initial investment and a considerable gain as well.

It’s Less Volatile and Gives Better ROI than the Stock Market

The amount of time you hang on to your property has historically reduced your chance of loss in real estate. As the market improves, so does the value of your property, and you develop equity as a result.

In the stock market, the risk is constant, and there are various elements and factors outside your control that can severely affect your investment. Because your property is a real asset, you have more control over your investment. You may use it to generate several revenue streams while still keeping a significant capital appreciation.

Rental revenue, earnings from real estate-related company operations, and the always appreciating value of properties are among the many ways real estate experts and investors earn. And since real estate appreciates (especially when you hold it for longer), you can sell it for a significant profit- especially if you invest in a good location. Mortgage and rents also tend to rise as the years go by, potentially resulting in better returns.

Real Estate Diversifies Your Portfolio and Protects Your from Risks

One of the primary reasons why real estate investing is good is because it diversifies your portfolio. Financial experts everywhere preach and teach how critical it is to diversify your investment portfolio. Your risk is spread out and therefore lessened by diversifying your holdings.

Real estate is always a safe and valuable asset to have in your portfolio to reduce risk. So much so that many people have made a fortune purely by dedicating many of their efforts and resources to real estate investments.

Real estate has very little to do and, in certain situations, even an inverse correlation with other key asset groups and investment schemes. This means that using real estate in a diversified asset portfolio can minimize portfolio volatility while also increasing the rate of return per unit of risk. Overall, it will help you increase your assets and protect you from unforeseen risks – all at a relatively stable consistency.

Even with all the benefits real estate investments have, there are still some disadvantages. It’s relatively difficult to immediately liquify your asset, so it’s not the best option when you need emergency cash.

Real estate transactions can take months, unlike stocks, bonds, and even currency exchange, which can be done in seconds. Even with the assistance of a broker, expediting the entire process might take weeks.

Nonetheless, real estate is a highly profitable form of investment that’s relatively simple to grasp and can help investors manage the risks and returns of their portfolios. Constant cash flow, tax breaks, exemptions, and high appreciation are all hallmarks of real estate investments that appeal to investors. Real estate may help boost your portfolio by lowering volatility via diversity, whether investing in actual real estate or REITs.

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