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The average cost of converting a garage ranges from £4000 to £17000 based on the area of conversion and the type of room according to your requirements. If you want to include a bathroom in your garage conversion then it might cost more for plumbing and providing a sufficient water supply. Different conversions have different demands and costs. Now, the question is ” Is a garage conversions worth the investment?” Do garage conversions add extra value to your home?

Garage conversion

Is a garage conversion worth it?

The answer is yes, doing garage conversion can add up to 10% to the total value of your house, especially if it is well maintained and designed well. If you wish to create extra living space in your house, then doing a garage conversion would be worth doing. However, you will need to figure out whether you have enough storage area throughout your house to compensate and you’ll need to consider the points below.

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Important factors before finalizing your decision.

Parking Space

If you own a car, make sure there is enough parking space available near your house, and that doing a garage conversion will not lead to fights with neighbours for a parking space. If it is going to cause this kind of problem then a conversion may not be the best thing to do.

House Storage Space

Is there enough space in your house where you can store all the items that were in the garage before converting it? If the house doesn’t have enough storage space then you should think twice before doing a garage conversion.

Planning Permission

Planning permission isn’t usually required in the UK if the work is internal and it doesn’t involve enlarging the building. If you plan to make your conversion into a separate house, then you will need to seek permission

Height of Rooms

Consider the height of the rooms. In the UK the height of a habitable room must be a minimum of at least 2.1m. If the height measuring from the floor to ceiling in your garage isn’t high enough then you will not have a choice other than excavating the floor, which will lead to an increase in your budget.


Check that your garage flooring is strong enough, does it have adequate damp proofing? Does it match the level of the floor in the existing home? These are other important points to consider that may add to the overall budget.

Extra Rooms

If you are thinking of adding a bathroom and kitchen along with a bedroom to the conversion, then you will need to consider plumbing as mentioned above. This will increase your costs and may double or triple your budget. After spending double or triple the amount of your budget you will need to consider if it’s really worth doing a garage conversion.


Garage conversions can be valuable for the right house, but to make sure you get your money’s worth, consult with a licensed contractor and think about the above-mentioned points thoroughly before finalizing your decision for garage conversion investment.

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