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Got a website, but not getting any visitors? Attracting people to your website often requires a bit of work – given how crowded the internet now is, few companies can rely on internet users stumbling across their website. Here are just a few effective ways in which you can help increase traffic.

Hire an SEO company

One of the main reasons you may not be getting any visitors is because you don’t rank highly on search engines – few people are going to have the patience to trawl through ten pages of Google just to find your company.

You can improve your rankings using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), which involves using a combination of keyword usage and link building.

Whilst it’s possible to do this yourself, you’re much more likely to get results using a professional company such as Magento SEO. Costs can vary depending on the level of SEO you require (you’ll pay more if you want to get on the first page).

Start blogging

You can also attract more visitors by starting a blog on your site. The subject matter of your blog posts should relate to your company – you could give advice to customers or you could discuss news within your sector.

Every blog post you write will open up a new doorway to your site, helping you to attract more visitors. Blogging can also improve your search rankings – sites that are constantly updated with new content tend to rank more highly.

Share content on social media

By sharing content from your website on social media, you can also attract more visitors. Facebook and Twitter are the two largest social media sites – it’s worth setting up a page for your company on these platforms. Pinterest is more of a search engine and is another way to bring lots of traffic to your website. Using a scheduler app like Tailwind is ideal especially if you are short on time.

By running ads on social media and using hashtags you’ll attract people to your social media pages. These people may in turn visit your website.

Start cross-promoting

Cross-promoting involves teaming up with another company for marketing purposes – you promote their company and in return they promote yours. By each recommending each other’s website you can both attract new visitors from each other.

You could do this via social media or you could each post a link to other person’s site on your own website.

Incorporate your web address into physical branding

You can also promote your website in the real world through physical branding. This could involve printing your website address onto business cards, flyers, signage and even on your company vehicle (if you have one).

You can even use QR codes to help people look up your website – this is a code that when viewed with a phone camera automatically opens the site. You can use sites like QR Stuff to generate a QR code for your website that can then be printed on flyers and signage.

5 Ways To Boost Traffic To Your Company Website

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