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There are many things to consider when choosing a career. Do you do something that pays well or do you choose a job that you’ll like? Personally, it’s always better to do something that you will enjoy. The thing is, how do you find a career you’ll enjoy? Below, you will find a few ideas for careers based on your personality type:

Choosing a Career Based On Your Personality

You’re an introvert

If you enjoy your own company and don’t really like being around many people and working with others, there are some careers perfectly suited to you. As an introvert myself, I love blogging!

Primarily, as an introvert, you might want to consider any freelance careers. Being a freelance writer is a good career as you can work from home and enjoy your own space and freedom.

In fact, any freelance career that allows you to stay at home and work at your own pace will suit you to a tee.

Here are some more suggestions for work-from-home ideas:

Sell Online: Open your own e-commerce store, or set up a shop on a platform such as E-bay or Etsy. You could create your own products to sell, whether they be physical or digital, or use a dropshipping method which requires very little money to set up because you don’t need to buy stock in advance.

Virtual Assistant: Virtual assistants help businesses with tasks like scheduling, customer support, and email management. Pinterest VAs set up and manage Pinterest accounts belonging to businesses.

Online Tutor: I have a couple of friends who do this and depending on who you work for, you don’t necessarily need teaching qualifications to do this. Take a look at Preply – they do not require any specific certification or teaching experience.

You’re an extrovert

What about if you’re the opposite of an introvert and like getting out and about and speaking to others? Well, there are so many careers that you’ll really enjoy.

My first thoughts go towards a career in travel. Become an air host/hostess, and you travel around the world while interacting with other people daily. It’s a job that demands you to be friendly and willing to speak to others. 

You may also like being an Event Planner. This is a good fit for extroverts who enjoy creating experiences that bring people together. You could be planning a wedding, festival, or corporate event for example.

You like helping others

There are many people in the world that are just born with a natural urge to help others. If you’re always trying to make a difference and be the shoulder for someone to cry on, there are many career ideas for you.

Mainly, you’re looking at the health industry with careers such as a doctor, nurse, surgeon, dentist, health care assistant, and so on. But, there are other branches from this that might interest you too.

Working in psychology is a good idea as you’re always there to give advice to people in need. Or, a life coach might be a good career if you like helping others and trying to make a difference in their life. All of these ideas will suit you if you have a very caring personality and always strive to look after those in need.

You enjoy being in command and having responsibility

Many people are happy enough taking orders and not having much responsibility. However, there are some who love being in command and taking on all the responsibility.

If this applies to you, then you’re tailor-made for entrepreneurship and management. You want to be in control and start your own business or manage an entire group of people. You don’t like having to do what others say, and you back your own ideas.

The great thing is, there are loads of resources that provide great tips on starting a business. So, you can essentially get cracking right now if you wanted!

These are just a few examples of career ideas based on common personality types. There are so many more options available. You can search for work ideas on LinkedIn, Google, YouTube and social media such as Facebook.

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas and you can figure out which type of work is the best for you.

Here are a a few ideas for careers based on your personality type to consider.

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