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If you had told a mid-50’s marketing executive that one day, pushing an advertising message into the pockets of anyone and everyone you pay to target would not only be a possibility but the norm one day, they would no doubt either laugh at you or shoo you out of the office.

Yet that’s a daily reality most of us live with, to the point where we don’t really even notice just how much we are marketed to through our social media timelines and apps, because we’ve gotten so good at filtering it out. 

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In some cases, companies have come to rely on this. If you want to market your products, just open a social media page! Or at least, most business blogs suggest this. Yet using social media is a much more complex and nuanced task (if you’re looking for success at least) than simply opening a profile and spewing your material out there.

The trick is to never take social media marketing for granted. Here’s how:

Daily Posts & Scheduling

Daily posts and scheduled posts can work wonders at keeping you in the favour of the great algorithm, and potentially help you expand your reach. Pinterest is an exceptionally good marketing tool. Schedule a few pins daily and watch your traffic increase.

Perhaps you’re hoping to draw attention to your rebrand? Announcing a totally new direction for your firm by posting countdown updates every day for thirty days prior to this announcement can not only help you generate some social media buzz among your audience, but that’s thirty sets of possible hashtags you could benefit from. That really can make a difference regarding your exposure compared to posting once in a while.

Profitable Social Media Marketing: How To Grow Your Business Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn And More.

Research & Know Your Audience

Researching and taking the time to identify your audience is essential, and that can be helped by reading into your social media metrics and performance. You might even look towards the help of a company like iTonic Digital to assist you in directing content towards your specific audience and therefore gain more interest in your business! 

Just who is engaging with your posts? What kind of person are they, and what kind of content do they tweet about? How can you expand your reach in this manner with pure confidence? Who is most likely to not only comment on your posts but follow up with a purchase, turning demand generation into worthwhile lead generation?

This kind of ideal can make a profound difference going forward, to the point where it’s truly worth considering.

Don’t forget to regularly check your Google Analytics to see what your audience is viewing on your site, then you can target your social media content around that.

A Wider Marketing Campaign

Consider how social media use fits into your wider marketing campaign, and how you can measure its success. For instance, a reliable digital marketing agency willing to help you refine your strategy is a much more powerful tool to use in conjunction with your online approach than anything else.

It’s fine to make post after post as a business, but it’s much better for each post to feed into a larger and better whole going forward. That can help you make sure your marketing is actually for something, rather than marketing for the sake of marketing.

With this advice, you’re certain to avoid taking social media marketing for granted.

How not to take social media marketing for granted.

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