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Earn More Dough By Mastering SEO

Whether you run an eCommerce site, blog or a local business, your website is the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal. It is the key to generating increased conversions through both online and offline endeavours. Unfortunately, the website cannot be a success if nobody knows of its existence.

There are many contributing factors that can improve your traffic figures. Still, search engine optimisation should be the main focus at all times. Many things have changed but search engine traffic is still the most significant element. After all, it will gain traffic from people searching for products and services like yours.  Get this right, and you will see traffic figures soar. In turn, this will establish the strongest platform for generating more conversions too.

Web Design For SEO

Web design for SEO should be the first item on your checklist. Because nothing else you do will matter if the site doesn’t look and function as it should. The good news is that building a website that satisfies the needs of SEO will naturally promote a better user experience too.

Earn More Dough By Mastering SEO

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, the sole purpose of Google’s algorithm is to present its users with the best websites. Therefore, Google needs to see that your site performs to the highest possible standards.

As such, you should focus on the following:

Mobile optimisation – Over half of all online browsing sessions now occur on smartphones and tablets. Google presents a different set of results depending on which type of device a user conducts their search on. If your site isn’t optimised for the handheld screens, you instantly lose out on traffic from half of the potential audience.

Loading times – Users abandon websites that take more than 3 seconds to load. Consequently, then, Google sets loading time as one of the main metrics for ranking pages on the SERPs. Producing faster loading times with image compression and related tricks can work wonders. Ignore the benefits at your peril.

Navigation – Menus and navigation are key for the user experience. Moreover, the inclusion of keywords in this area ensures that your design is built to give your SEO a significant boost. After all, the keywords will then appear on each page of your site. For similar reasons, it’s important to ensure that your NAP information is displayed too.

Of course, the colour schemes and layouts need to suit the branding and content. When supported by the trio of items above, though, you won’t go wrong.

On-Site Content

While the design of your website establishes the framework for success, it counts for very little without winning content. As such, it’s imperative that you consider the on-site content. This is where you can establish yourself as a reputable and authoritative company within your chosen sector.

Earn More Dough By Mastering SEO

Content should be created with modern web users and modern Google algorithms in mind. A winning blog that is optimised with keywords, title tags, and other key features can work wonders. If you’re a little unsure how to achieve this, there’s finally an Amazon Skill for SEO agency folks. Becoming an expert and staying abreast of the latest developments has never been easier.

Blogs can be a great way to provide content that will be used on your social media channels, which are another key feature. Meanwhile, product pages are of particular importance too. Try to write for buyers, not bots as it’s not just about the traffic, you also want to gain conversions. Advanced eCommerce software allows you to input the details so that they will appear on Google shopping searches. This can cover exact matches and near matches.

Clear contact details are another key addition that will boost your SEO strategy. It does this by establishing a greater sense of trust, which extends to customers too. However, it’s also very important to ignore the negative aspects. Duplicate content is of particular importance and could lead to Google penalties. Avoid it at all costs.

Social Platforms & Content Providers

Doing the right things on your website is a great starting point. To truly master SEO and gain the traffic figures you crave, you must look to outside platforms for further support. This is the only way to truly stand out from your competitors to land a spot on page one of the SERPs.   

The importance of social media sharing has already been mentioned, but it can also aid your SEO. While individual posts don’t carry too much weight, those that get shared can work wonders.

Better still, you can hire an outside content provider to produce the best blogs that are likely to be shared by your followers. This will lead to direct traffic as well as a boost of SEO.

Earn More Dough By Mastering SEO

Blogs can also be used for keywords for on-site SEO. Perhaps their greatest use is backlinks. Other bloggers and sites may link to your pages, which helps your ranking. Moreover, you can link to authoritative and relevant pages to gain a minor improvement too. Another option is to seek PR from media agencies.

In recent years, Google My Business has become one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Signing up for a listing is free while regular posts and pictures of your business and staff can seriously aid your situation. When you appear in the Snack Pack, in addition to boasting good organic results, traffic will soar. Using other directories will also have a positive impact.

Another option is to use AdWords. While it does mean paying for keywords, there’s no question that your ranking will see a significant boost.


Without a strong SEO strategy, it’s almost impossible to generate the traffic that you deserve. Even if you have a good understanding of social media and ad campaigns. However, the SEO arena has evolved massively over the years. Nowadays, you need to ensure that all internal and external elements are under control. Otherwise, you will lose out to companies that have made those moves.

When you get it right, even a small business can challenge the multi-national corporations for customers. And as you gain more revenue in this manner, the door to further opportunities will swing open.

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Earn More Dough By Mastering SEO

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