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It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, you’re still a brand. You need to use a branding strategy to help your business to stand out from the crowd. Branding is your visual strategy that will help your company to grow and gain recognition through how people see your business. You need to define and position yourself in the market. Try these easy branding tips to help you.

Easy Branding Tips

Define Your Brand Identity

This is the most important part of branding. To define your brand identity, you should get started by asking some questions about your company. Write down the answers to these questions:

  • How do you want your clients to see your brand?
  • What makes your company different from your competitors? 
  • What are your mission, objectives, and values as a company?

These answers will help you to start defining what your brand is and how to best to communicate who you are through everything from your website to Fascia Signs on your premises.

Have A Simple Message

What will matter for most of your clients is the way that your products are presented. It’s not only about what your product is, what the components are, or where they were made, but you need to communicate why someone would want to buy your products. 

Focus on the way that your product can help your customer, or solve a problem they have. This should be based on the values and objectives that you defined by answering the question from the first point. Perhaps your product is cruelty-free or is made with superior quality parts. Find out what makes your product stand out based on your brand DNA and communicate that clearly. 

Develop Consistent Visual Communication

Think about a household-name brand like Apple. You have a very clear idea of what their brand looks like, as every single piece of brand communication they put out is branded strongly with an image of simplicity and high-tech. Apple is a great model for strong brand communication if you need inspiration. Their brand creates a bond between people, the product, and service. 

If your brand says you are open-minded and creative, then you must show your clients that at every contact point they have with you.

Get Social Media

When you have a brand strategy and a clear brand in place, then you can work on connecting with your customers through social media. Don’t try to join every platform. Choose the platforms that you know your target audience is active on, and take it seriously so you can create some strong customer leads for your company. 

Pinterest is especially good for driving traffic and targeted customers. *Canva can be used for creating pins and *Tailwind for scheduling if you’d rather this process be done for you.

On social media, you will need to work to be consistent and coherent in all your communication, the same as you would on your website or your content marketing.

Decide whether your tone is formal or informal. Does your brand use slang?  Choose the right images to share alongside your messages to strengthen your brand. Make sure every post, share, comment, and like is on-brand for your business.

Easy branding tips for your business

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