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Many small business owners like to make it known that they are the ones doing all of the work at their company. While this can come with the benefit of making customers feel more comfortable, it can also come with some big downsides. If you like being private, having people know who you are and what you do may not be in your interest. Many people will find value in keeping these two sides of their life separate, but how exactly are you supposed to achieve this goal? Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep your face out of the business you run.

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Keeping Your Face And Name Away

Websites are one of the key places that customers will go when they want to learn about a business. Many freelancers and small business owners will use this as a chance to show off their face and name. To avoid this, your web address and business name should be unrelated to your name. This is easy enough to achieve, and it’s likely that you have an idea of the business name you’d like to use before you get started.

Alongside this, it can also be well worth leaving photos of yourself and your team off your website. Some customers will value being able to see who will be doing their work for them, but this isn’t anywhere near as important as it used to be. As time goes on, you will find it easier and easier to distance yourself like this.

Using A Forwarding Details

Using your personal contact details can be a big mistake when you’re running a business. Just imagine if an angry customer knows where you live. Not only could this be a security issue, but it could also result in you getting spam calls and letters that will become very annoying over time.

Forwarding addresses and phone numbers can be a great way to handle this. A forwarding number will enable you to direct calls to any phone that you choose, while also being able to easily block phone numbers without contacting your provider. A premium virtual address is similar, though it will be used to handle your mail and other correspondence. This can be a great way to keep your personal details away from your business.

Business Name & Registered Business

Most countries have listing systems that enable anyone to look up information about businesses. This will usually include the names of the directors and owners of the companies being looked up, and this means that people could easily find you and your address if you give them your registered business name.

There isn’t any reason that your business name needs to match your brand. As long as your government can see where your money is coming from and are able to tax it properly, you can call your brand whatever you like. This makes it possible to make it much harder for people to find you online, along with adding some distance from the registered business in case you want to expand.

Working Locations

While keeping your personal life and business separate largely revolves around keeping information private, you can also impact this yourself by doing things like working in the wrong places. Working at home will make these sides of your life overlap to a large degree. This can impact your family and those around you, while also making it hard to enjoy a normal life.

Choosing to keep your work at work will be a great way to make sure that you can enjoy a rich and varied personal life. You won’t have to worry about people finding you or contacting you out of hours, and you can enjoy the time you have with your loved ones without stress. It can take some time to work yourself into this position, but this will be worth the effort.

Why Bother?

Many people will struggle to understand why this work is important, but there are plenty of reasons for this. To start, you need to have a personal life. even if you love your work, it will be hard to be happy if you never get away from it. You can overcome this with just a little bit of work.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to take on the challenge of keeping your business and personal life far apart. As time goes on, this will get easier. You will need to work hard to achieve what you want before that point, though.

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to keep your face out of the business you run.

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