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In order to make good on online sales, you need to generate leads to increase exposure and ensure that the sales pipeline is constructed from the very start. The truth is, however, that unless you constantly refine and care for your lead acquisition strategy, it will quickly go out of date.

This can spell doom for small businesses that may not have the power of brand familiarity in order to constantly enjoy organic traffic or return customers. That said, it’s easy to generate as many leads as possible but never actually convert them to sales. This is also no good, even if it can increase the awareness of your brand to start with.

In this post, then, we’ll discuss how to complete that cycle, ensuring that your preliminary efforts aren’t in vain. This may take a careful and honest look at your brand, in order to assess issues and avoid overly commonplace practices outdone by your competition. With this in mind, and with the foresight to hire search marketing specialists, let’s consider the essential advice below:

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Where Your Leads Are Placed

It’s good to consider where your leads are placed because a general approach is unlikely to catch. When fishing, you can use universal bait hooks, or bait specifically designed to appeal to a certain species of fish, and a hook to more accurately hold the weight of such a catch.

The same goes for lead generation. It might be, for instance, that using targeted social media advertisements for men age 18-26 is key for your pre-workout supplement, placing such clickthrough funnels as part of a sponsored fitness influencer’s page on Instagram. This achieves both accuracy and relevance in your lead.

Create Shareable Content

What about generating leads that will be shared and expanded on by those you’re targeting? For instance, making an excellent short video about mistakes people make when working out for the first time could give a quick and easy soundbite for said influencers to use, using your brand name as a quick intro for the video, and a clickthrough link for people to learn more about what you have to offer.

Shareable content in today’s world can be spread far and wide, even far past the confines of your national borders. This is a lead generator’s dream.

Observe Your Competitors

It’s always essential to observe your competitors in the market if only to truly understand their playbook. How are they bringing in potential leads? Are they offering promotions? Have they even started rolling out interactive advertisements at the start of App Store games?

Keeping an eye on these strategies can help inform your own, which is further aided by the metadata you collect from those who interact with your leads. This double-pronged approach can help you gather more insight for the next campaign – but make sure you don’t chase what other firms are doing, only use them as inspiration or as a way to understand your place in the market.

With this advice, we believe you’ll generate leads that actually bear results.

In order to make good on online sales, you need to generate leads to increase exposure and ensure that the sales pipeline is constructed from the very start.

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