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It doesn’t hurt to start thinking about Christmas – it is only a few months away after all. Christmas is a time that can hit families hard, but you’ve still got time to prepare and grow your finances ready. Why not make this year the one year when Christmas doesn’t creep up on you and leave you in debt until Easter? Take a look at these useful tips for growing your savings in time for Christmas.

Grow Your Savings In Time For Christmas

Cut unnecessary bills now

How often do you use your gym membership or subscription to Netflix, Amazon Video, etc.? If you’re not using them regularly, then getting rid of them, even temporarily, can free up some money for you to add to your Christmas savings. Cutting a £30 gym membership now will save you £120 before Christmas! Try some alternative workouts outside of the gym that will still help you keep in shape, without the huge monthly spend.

Consider investments

Do you have any investments? If you’ve got a pot of savings, it might be worth putting some of them into investments. It can be difficult to know what to go for unless you’re already a financial expert, but you’ll find plenty of useful advice online, from friends or through a financial adviser. Why not check out commodity trading as a way to grow your savings? If your money is just sitting there doing nothing, then this could be a great opportunity for you to add to it.

Adjust your budget

One of the best ways to save for Christmas is to work out how much you’re going to need and adjust your household budget accordingly. You can save money on your food shop easily by planning meals in advance, looking for deals on the things you already buy and cutting back on top-up shopping. Making small changes to your budget will soon add up, helping you reach your Christmas target in no time. You can use the same strategy to budget for family holidays, birthdays and other special occasions where you might need a large amount of savings.

Start using cashback sites

Do you use cashback websites like Quidco and Top Cashback when shopping online? If you’re not already doing it, start now. The best cashback websites will give you money back for each penny you spend online (and some in-store), giving you excellent return rates on your spending. The money is accumulated into an account until you’re ready to withdraw it and turn it into a BACS payment, or even into gift vouchers of higher value. Cashback sites are also handy to use when you’re taking out car insurance or other items such as mobile phones or broadband services. Refer friends to build up an even higher balance that could see you add £100s to your savings easily.

Growing your savings in time for Christmas is easily done if you start now. Get ahead by getting your finances in order and start planning for the next few months. By the time December comes around, you’ll be glad you started now.

Take a look at these useful tips for growing your savings in time for Christmas.

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