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Starting a blog is always going to be an exciting process. When you love to write and you have something to say, becoming a blogger is always going to be a natural progression for you.

How Can You Make Money As A Blogger?

It’s fun to write, to put your work out into the world, and enjoy sharing tips and trips on a topic that you love. However, for some people, it can become more than that. Because blogging doesn’t just have to be a hobby. Of course, for many people, that’s exactly what it is.

In this day and age, you can also make money from your blog too. Yet, when you’re new to monetization, you don’t always know how you’re going to do it. There are many ways, and we’re going to consider a few now.

Sponsored Content

The first kind of way that you may know you can make money with your blog, is through sponsored content. No matter what niche you work in, you may find that there are brands and companies that will want to work with you to produce content in exchange for a fee.


Another form of monetization for your blog is advertising. Here, you can place adverts on your blog for a fee – this can be from private companies or using a banner ad company, like Google’s AdSense or * Depending on the amount of traffic that you have, you could make a healthy amount of money.

Affiliate Marketing

The next thing that you’re going to want to do, is affiliate marketing. This is where you use links with tracking details in them to promote another website, products or services.

By promoting these products, and subsequently encourage a person to make a sale, you would then be paid a small commission. When you’re making lots of affiliate referrals, the small percentage of the sale that you make adds up, so affiliate marketing can really pay. See my list of recommendations here.

Skills & Services

But then, you don’t just have to think about the classic ways that you can make money with your blog – you can venture to from the content side of things too.

If you have a set skill, you could use this to make money – the same with many services too. From freelance writing and graphic design to website maintenance contracts and accounting, there’s so much you could offer. Just look at your skills, expertise, or experience, and go from there!


You can also create your own products for your blog too. Yes, this could be in the form of physical products, like notebooks or t-shirts, but it can be digital products too.

Maybe you can make money from ebooks or downloads? Or you could even look to create your own courses in your niche topic too.

Digital products are a great way to make money because you are making money passively, and you don’t have to physically work over and over again to make money – it’s automatic once you’ve got it all set up.

How can you make money as a blogger? Find out why blogging doesn't have to be just a hobby.

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