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I thought I’d write a short post because this might be useful to someone. Recently, I encountered a problem with our downstairs toilet—it was filling at a snail’s pace. I was considering calling out a plumber when I stumbled upon a helpful video on YouTube.

The issue turned out to be a tiny hole in the diaphragm (Siamp Diaphragm), which only took a few minutes to fix. You can see it pictured below.

These diaphragms only cost a few pounds on Amazon. I bought a pack of 5 that was on offer at the time, so I had some spares.

The Toilet Fix

With the help of the following video made by Handyman Craft Glasgow, I was able to fix the problem in no time.

If your cistern is the same as the one in this video, then it could help you repair it without having to call out a plumber.

Where to Get a Siamp Diaphragm

You can purchase Siamp diaphragms from various hardware stores, plumbing supply shops, and online retailers.

I hope that by sharing this video it can help someone else save money on costly repairs! Did it help you? Let me know in the comments below.

How to fix a slow-filling toilet with a Siamp Diaphragm. Save time & money with this easy DIY solution. Watch the helpful video tutorial I discovered.

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