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When starting a blog there are some important pages that you need to create. We’ll go through how to legally protect your blog by adding various essential policies and plugins.

You will need to add these three essential legal policies to your blog. A privacy policy, terms and conditions, and a disclaimer. You will also need a cookie policy and pop-up and affiliate disclosure.

I will go through all these important requirements and show you how you can easily get them set up so that you can start blogging sooner rather than later.

I’ll show you the legal documents and plugins that I use on all my blogs and give you access to other legal templates that may be required by your business at some point.

Legal bundle

Legal bundle for your blog.

Creating legal pages is one of the hardest tasks that bloggers face when they first start. I had no idea what to put in them or where to get them from when I started blogging.

Luckily I came across this legal bundle by Amira who is a Lawyer and blogger at A Self Guru. The bundle contains a Privacy Policy that is GDPR and CCPA compliant, Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer Templates.

How to protect your blog legally

The policies are available separately if you don’t require all of them:

Each policy template is really easy to fill in with your details and comes with full instructions.

You’ll save yourself hours of work. I wish I’d found these when I first started blogging! 

Oh, and you can use them on as many blogs as you own!

Cookie Policy and Consent Pop-up

I use a plugin called Complianz which scans the cookies used on my site and automatically creates a cookie policy and pop-up so when visitors come to your site they can select to use the functional or all cookies.

When you change something on your site it automatically detects this so that you can run the scan again and keep your cookie policy up-to-date.

Affiliate disclosure

If you’re adding affiliate links to your posts, you will need a disclosure at the top of each post.

There is a free plug-in that will allow you to do this called FMTC affiliate disclosure. This will insert your disclosure on every page.

Some WordPress themes allow you to add this information without the need for a plug-in.  Check your theme’s settings.

Take a look at the top of this blog post, you can see my disclosure at the top.

Need Other Legal Templates?

Here are some more easily editable and affordable legal templates for your business by Amira:

  • Affiliate Agreement Template This is needed if you have your own affiliate program.
  • Coaching Agreement Template – Everything you need to work with clients to get paid on time and protect yourself financially and legally.
  • Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) – Non-disclosure agreement. A very important legal contract you must have any time you are going to discuss your business information with someone.
  • Guest Blogger Agreement Template – Clearly states your guest post guidelines and requirements, and includes all the legalese you need to protect yourself from copyright violations and more!
  • Independent Contractor Contract Template (Freelance Contract) – An Independent Contractor Agreement is an important legal document between you and the people you work with. Whether you are hiring a freelancer or taking freelance work yourself.
  • Interior Design Contract Bundle – A contract bundle for interior designers to make sure their online businesses are protected legally
  • LLC Operating Agreement Template – This is the most important legal document for your newly formed business
  • Media Release Agreement Template – ​A Media Release Agreement is an important legal contract you need whenever you want to have rights to use someone’s personal intellectual property in your project.
  • Partnership Agreement – ​A Partnership Agreement is a legal contract between two or more partners that want to go into business together.
  • Sponsored Posts Contract Template – This is the only lawyer written contract template you need to easily work with brands to produce any kind of sponsored content and build lasting relationships with them.
  • Sweepstakes Template – Running a giveaway to grow your business? This is the only lawyer written Sweepstakes template bundle you need to make your giveaway legal and comply with all the FTC and FCC rules.
How to legally protect your blog. Do you have these legal pages?

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