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Below you’ll find a great selection of pretty WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs made by Bluchic. I use two of these themes on my own blogs, so know first-hand they are good.

Each of these themes can be used on multiple sites, you only need to pay once. There are no hidden extras and you benefit from lifetime support and updates.

All themes are easy to customise too, change the colours, fonts and upload your logo. They are beautiful and responsive, look good on all devices and are Woocommerce-ready.

So here we go, in no particular order of preference as they are all good quality & stylish WordPress themes.

1 ChicServe WordPress Theme

ChicServe WordPress Theme

ChicServe is for female entrepreneurs starting and running a service-based business.

Easily customise this theme with the Elementor page builder. ChicServe is a feminine theme that allows you to showcase your services beautifully.

2 ChicBoss WordPress Theme

ChicBoss WordPress Theme

ChicBoss is the perfect WordPress theme for service-based entrepreneurs, helping you to book clients quickly and sell your digital products making a passive income.

ChicBoss is easy to customise using the Elementor design tool. This is the theme I’m using on this blog!

3 ChicShop WordPress Theme

ChicShop WordPress Theme

ChicShop is the perfect theme if you have a product-based business and work with Woocommerce.

ChicShop will help you get your online shop off the ground whether you sell physical or digital products. It’s fully customisable with Elementor page builder.

4 ChicLuxe WordPress Theme

The perfect website template for wedding vendors, high-end event planners, and business owners in between.

5 ChicSpark WordPress Theme

ChicSpark is tailored to your service-based business model, helping you show off your services and book your dream clients. ChicSpark can be entirely customised to your brand’s look and feel.

6 ChicSplendid WordPress Theme

ChicSplendid is a dynamic and attention-grabbing WordPress theme tailored for entrepreneurs seeking to capture the attention of prospective clients.

7 ChicRadiant WordPress Theme

Do you have a plethora of services, products, and courses to offer, but are struggling to find a website template that truly matches your needs? That’s where ChicRadiant steps in.

Whether you’re ready to launch a shop, a course, a podcast, or something else, ChicRadiant can do it all.

8 ChicBloom WordPress Theme

ChicBloom is bold and has been tailor-made for imaginative individuals, service-oriented entrepreneurs, and solopreneurs seeking a dynamic website that exudes professionalism and style.

9 ChicSavvy WordPress Theme

ChicSavvy is designed for female entrepreneurs who own or want to start a coaching or consulting business.

10 ChicMoxie WordPress Theme

ChicMoxie is a chic, high-impact WordPress theme for your business. Whether you’re a podcaster, online course creator, marketer, or somewhere in between, this fully customisable theme, which can be tailored to your preferences, will transform your envisioned website into reality.

11 ChicWell WordPress Theme

If you’re operating a brand related to health and wellness, ChicWell is the perfect WordPress theme for your needs.

This theme provides all the essential tools to showcase your services or packages, share your expertise, and establish a prominent presence within your industry.

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11 stylish & versatile WordPress themes for female entrepreneurs by Bluchic. Perfect for multiple sites with lifetime support & customisation options.

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