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When it comes to *blogging we know that the words you write are the most essential aspect, but adding some beautiful photos to each post will really help keep your readers engaged, it can also drive your point home and give people a real feel for the emotion and tone of your posts.

Photography for your blog

Unless you’ve really studied photography as a subject or spent hours watching videos on how to take amazing photos, you may find this a little tricky.

However, some straightforward tips will help you with this so tear yourself away from your corporation tax calculator and pick up the camera!


Photography literally means capturing light, so the difference you can make with the light coming at your subject from the right angle can be unbelievable.

All *photography equipment (even if it is only your camera phone) will appreciate more light and provide better results for you. If you need some additional lighting, then you will find some great low-cost solutions online.

If you’re working with children, then you will always want to consider a flash of some kind and learning ‘shutter priority mode on your camera if you have it! (Trust us with this one, you won’t regret it).

Just remember there are a million different ways to use light in photography, experimenting is always a great way to perfect your technique. 


So, making sure your hands and feet are included in the photo is essential of course, but what else do you need to consider when composing a shot? Well, the first thing to consider is the background of your photo, no end of times photos have been taken with some optical illusions appearing afterwards because the photographer didn’t consider the fact that there is a tree seemingly growing out of someone’s head!

If you’re photographing products a flat lay is always appreciated, just make sure you space everything in a sensible but creative manner, practice makes perfect with this one. Also, props are a great addition and something fun to play with depending on your subject matter! 


There are plenty of *editing tools available to edit anything on your photos that you may not be happy with. You can also develop a personal brand with your own tones.

*Adobe has some of the best editing software available, and it’s widely used by professionals too! There is even a mobile version for you to edit your mobile photos with as well!

With photo editing the world is your oyster, whether it’s to add graphics for your blogger header or editing your best family photos, you will be glad you spent a little bit of time learning how to edit your photos. Just remember editing styles are subjective, so pick something you like and go with it! 

*Beautifying your blog will make you feel a sense of pride and draw more visitors that want to come back to read your content AND see the gorgeous photos you are taking too, and don’t forget to share your new photo on Instagram!

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Photography for your blog

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