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When you and your team are ready to return to work during the COVID pandemic, you’re each bound to have some trepidations or worries that are holding you back from heading to the office with the utmost confidence. The only way to mitigate these stresses is by implementing a variety of COVID safe measures that can help to protect you and your staff, as the responsibility is on you as a business owner or manager to keep your team out of harm’s way. Fortunately, this guide contains a number of different steps that you can follow to plan a safe return to work.

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Suggest Social Distancing

One of the ways to minimize the spread of any virus is through social distancing. You can massively reduce the risk of spreading bacteria or illnesses from one person to the next if they never get too close to each other, so suggest such a guideline to your team so that they remain a safer distance away from each other. The fewer people in a room the better.

You might need to change the layout of your office or workspace to accommodate this new rule, as it’s likely that desks or workstations are currently very close together. If your business maintains customer-facing roles with certain members of staff dealing with the public then you must ensure that they too can perform sufficient social distancing.

In this case, things like retractable barriers and floor sticks can help to control the public, as a simple spoken request isn’t enough to encourage them to operate safely within your store. The further apart you and your team or customers can be and limiting the number of people in the room at the same time, the smaller the risk of spreading and subsequently catching COVID.

Wear Masks

A good quality ffp2/ffp3 mask will help to reduce the spread of Covid. Make sure that whenever indoors, everyone is wearing a mask unless there is a good reason for them not to.

The FFP Mask is the best type of mask you can get for respiratory protection with it being more effective than a surgical mask.

Improve Ventilation

Investing in portable air purifiers helps remove virus particles from the air. The virus stays in the air even if a person has left the room, so using an air purifier along with increasing the airflow in a room is crucial to reduce the spread of COVID.

Air purifiers are a must-have for any home or office. Air purifiers decrease the amount of dust, bacteria and allergens in the air.

The best air purifier for covid is one that can remove particles as small as 0.003 μm, which is the smallest particle that currently can be tested. .

Ramp Up Your Cleaning Efforts 

The regularity and thoroughness of your cleaning schedule need to be increased dramatically if you’re going to stand any chance of protecting your business from the effects of COVID, as bacteria and viruses can remain alive on a variety of different surfaces for several days.

If a staff member or customer was to cough or sneeze somewhere within your office or store, then the particles expelled from their system will have spread far and wide into the air and onto surfaces – something as simple as this can cause your business to come crashing down because a full team of COVID positive staff would mean that you simply cannot open if you don’t take precautions.

Make an effort to clean your business premises every single day, and take the time to perform more small-scale cleaning such as wiping down a self-service checkout after it has been used. 

Planning a safe return to work is important. You have a responsibility to protect your staff and your customers and layered mitigations are the best way to go.

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