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Running A Business On Your Own: It Is Possible!


It’s not easy being a solo entrepreneur. Trying to do your accounts with one hand, answering the phone with your other, using your left foot to type in your latest blog post… so many things to do and so little time to do it! Especially when you don’t have the funds to hire staff members to work with you, things will get a more than a little tiring. However…

It is possible to run a business on your own without running the risk of burnout.


Remembering that you can’t do everything, it is worth hiring out some of your jobs to others. A virtual receptionist service can handle your phone calls, a copywriter can deal with your website blog, and a bookkeeper can get on top of your finances.

If you have the money to spend on outsourcing, then do it. It will save you time, give you more focus to be productive at the things you are good at and will give your business a more professional touch because of the experts in the field helping you.

Outsourced companies are also good for those days when you are unable to work, perhaps because you are ill or in dire need of a holiday, so store up those contact numbers for when you need them the most.


There are apps and software tools for everything these days, so some of your workload can be managed through the various innovations available on your computer or smartphone.

From accounting software to automated marketing tools, you can reduce your workload significantly. Again, this will free up your time to do other things, giving you the opportunity to focus on areas that you are better suited to.


Connect with other solo business owners, whether they are people you already know in the ‘real world,’ or those you have connected to through online communities.

Working alone can be tough when you don’t have somebody to banter with, or when there is nobody around to offer an opinion on what you are doing. By hooking up with somebody in the same position as you, it will be possible to get support when you need it, as well as having somebody in your life to alleviate the loneliness you may feel when working on your lonesome.


Don’t feel guilty when you have to say ‘no’ to others. When working on your own, it is important to focus your time, so don’t spread yourself too thinly when looking for clients. You will only get swamped with work if you take too much on, no matter how keen you are to grow your business. Quality is better than quantity, and people will understand if you are unable to take on their projects. Ask them to wait, or if they are unable to, perhaps give them the details of those other solo business owners you know, who may have more time to support a client. This will help you, the client, and those other solopreneurs who need help in growing their business.

By focussing on all of these ideas, you will be able to simplify your day, reducing the stress that comes through working on your own. If you have any other advice for those solopreneurs reading my website, please let me know. By working together, we can all manage what we are doing effectively, and still have time to finish work at a reasonable hour each day.

This is a collaborative post.

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