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Every sales page has three important elements. If you use these elements, you’re more likely to convince visitors to make a purchase. Here’s what you need to know…

Sales Page Tips & Tactics

A Compelling Headline

At the top of your sales page, you’ll need a compelling headline. The job of this headline is to encourage your visitors to read the rest of the sales page. To create a headline, focus on what your customers are getting. For example, if you’re selling graphic design software, then you might use a headline like Design Your Own Logos, Banners, and Posters in 5 Minutes!

A bold promise like this can be very effective. But keep in mind that your headline must be true. Don’t promise to teach someone everything about PhotoShop in 5 minutes. They’ll either be disappointed when you can’t deliver or they’ll recognize the headline as a lie and move on.

A Fascinating Lead

There’s an expression that editors and publishers frequently tell writers, “Don’t bury the lead”. What this is means is that you should put the most important information at the very top of your content. It’s good advice for writing a sales page, too.

When you’re writing the first paragraphs of your sales page, consider what your potential customer might want to know most. For example, you’ve created a course on designing with PhotoShop. So your lead should be focused on how quick and easy learning this software can be.

How to Write the Perfect Sales Page (Even If You’re Not a Copywriter): The 12-Step Sales Page Template.

Benefit-Driven Subheadings

So, you have a compelling headline and a fascinating lead, now add benefit-driven subheadings to your page. Subheadings are important because once a potential customer sees your offer, they’ll scan the rest of your page.

They’re looking to learn more but may not take the time to read all of your text. They want the highlights of your product and the best way to provide them is to have descriptive headlines. For example, if you’re releasing a course on web design your subheadings might include:

  • 21+ Design Templates Are Included for Your Use
  • Find High-Paying Web Design Clients with the Client-Getting Guide
  • Network with Industry Professionals in my Exclusive Web Design Group

All of these subheadings promise benefits beyond the product. They appeal to what your potential customers want—simple, easy web design projects and the chance to network with other designers.

When it comes to your sales page, don’t be afraid to take your time. Think about the results your visitor truly wants and show them how your product can get them those results. If you do this well, you’ll be more likely to convert your visitor into a life-long customer.

If you don’t have the time to design, you can buy a ready-made WordPress sales funnel template kit and matching theme for your blog!

The Essential Elements Of A Great Sales Page

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