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What is your concept of giving? People often correlate the thought of giving with love. For known reasons, of course, one facet of the ever profound concept of love is giving. However, giving is all about helping. When you cannot afford extra things in your life, but you still choose to help people? That is giving. Thus, what does it take to truly give and help, and how can it improve your life as a whole?

Giving is a scary thing to do or uplifting even. If it does not make you feel something, it is not giving; if you merely gave away something without an emphatic connection to it, it is not giving but rather sharing. Today, it is easy to think about yourself. That may be with work and even your personal life, and sometimes, it is easier to just look out for yourself. However, have you ever imagined a world where people look out for one another or are brave to brace the fact that they also need help?

Whatever it is and wherever state you are in life right now, here’s why you should always have open arms with those in need.

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It Can Be Fulfilling

Being with your peers, teaching around kids who somehow need better edification, and participating in sharing what you have and know could be so redeeming. It is always fulfilling to have a sense of purpose.

Even when you might sometimes end up thinking that you are merely a part of the plankton in the seven oceans, and even if you feel like you cannot do anything, doing charity work can help. Charity work does not only include feeding and teaching programs, but you can also work with a travel agent and visit unique places with the kids. Imagine all the things they would be able to experience and learn.

When you are doing your charitable work, you realize that kids are looking at you with genuine enthusiasm. If you make educative efforts, you will be surprised how voracious they can answer your questions. They will indeed interact with you so well, and you will realize that they are more than happy to receive what you can give.

It Can Be a Way to Comfort Yourself

If you are frustrated by how the system works and how the government cannot touch the grassroots of the society, doing charity work is a way to cope with the said frustration.

Giving out to kids in shelters whose innocence and childhood was already shattered is already so much more than nothing. While being loud over social media about the government’s incompetency towards these issues is one thing, but helping out kids and people in need is different. If you are not sure how to contribute to development, you can always start with simple acts of giving.

Being a part of a small and local outreach program is already part of tangible development. Being part of an actual step to growth differs from social media sharing without any substantial knowledge about how the unfortunate people are doing these days. Nowadays, being cynical about development frustrations does not help anyone. What you can do is extend a helping hand to those in need, no matter how small that step is. That is already a step towards development-no matter how small it may appear.

It Will Make You More Responsible

When you help other people, you will gain some sense of responsibility. There are times when people only think about themselves, and as a result, they tend to be entitled and irresponsible. Understandably, it is because they only have themselves to think about. While that is a smart play to survive and thrive, it is nowhere near the feeling of being responsible for others.

When someone has other people to think about, not just those who depend on you, you experience new things. You become more stable and grounded because you have others to take care of, and you even mature faster. One day you were a laid-back person, the next day, you are helping homeless kids. You will realize that the money you used to spend on video games is more valuable when you use them to buy homeless kids lunches. It starts with small acts of giving, but it ends with you being a whole new and better person. Think about it.

Perhaps, giving is about love, too. Compassion, empathy, and care for other people might not be romantic love, but that is the love this world needs.

Have you ever felt frustrated knowing there are unfortunate kids around? Here's how helping them can help you with your life as well.

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