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Have you ever thought about becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? If you love creating Pinterest boards and pinning, then working as a Pinterest VA would be a job that you’d enjoy. You may already be a social media manager and want to increase your skills, or you may be a stay at home mum wanting work that will fit around child care. Read on to find out how to become a Pinterest VA and what the job entails.

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Pinterest VAs Can Work Anywhere

A Pinterest VA’s job is all done online, you’ll need a laptop, internet connection and software such as Canva to create client’s pins. This is the perfect job for anyone wanting to work from home. With more and more businesses moving online, they’re going to need these kinds of services.

How Much Does a Pinterest VA Make?

Most VAs earn on average £25 – £40 per hour or more. This all depends on experience and the services offered. It’s up to you what you want to offer.

What Do You Do As a Pinterest VA?

As a VA you can choose which services you would like to provide for your clients. You may wish to provide the whole package or just the things you like doing best which could be anything like setting up a Pinterest accounts, setting up Tailwind, designing pins, account audits, managing the client’s account by scheduling pins, reviewing analytics, SEO & keyword research etc.

What’s The Difference Between a Pinterest VA and Pinterest Manager?

You can call yourself either seeing as it’s your business. Some Pinterest VAs do also refer to themselves as Pinterest managers and use the terms interchangeably, however, a Pinterest Manager, is usually someone who’s fully in charge of improving, fixing, and maintaining someone’s Pinterest account whereas a VA may not provide all services.

Is It Worth Becoming a Pinterest VA?

Yes! It’s definitely worth investing the time to learn to become a Pinterest VA, I did. If you already like and use Pinterest, then this is sure to be a job you will enjoy.

You’ll be able to fit this around your current lifestyle and not be tied to a 9-5 job with a commute every day. No prior experience is needed, as full training is given, teaching you the skills to provide everything a Pinterest Manager provides.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant Training

I recommend taking one of the following Pinterest VA courses.

There’s the self-study Signature Course which will show you how to launch a successful business. This includes all the tools, steps, tech, resources and workbooks to help you get started.

If you want extra training, support and client lead opportunities as well, then the Pinterest Manager Academy would suit you better.

The highest level program is Pinterest Expert Business Academy which is designed to create a thriving 5-figure monthly income as a Pinterest VA.

You also get lifetime access to additional ‘micro’ and ‘macro client packages, 12 weeks of group coaching with personalised feedback and help to expand your business with digital products.

See the image with details of each of the programs below:

Pinterest VA Programs

Free Pinterest VA Training

Do you think this could be your ideal job? If so, then grab a free starter pack and watch the free training workshop that shows you what services you can offer, how much to charge and how to land your first client.

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If becoming a Pinterest VA is something that interests you, then grab a free starter pack and watch the free training workshop that shows you what services you can offer, how much to charge and how to land your first client.

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