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Are you an Amazon Associate generating sales through your Amazon affiliate links on your blog? If so you can create a shop on your blog in minutes by automatically importing Amazon products saving you hours of work.

Create An Amazon Store On Your Blog In Minutes

I’ve been using this plugin for Amazon affiliate products for years and have it installed on two of my WordPress blogs. The Plugin works with Woocommerce and auto-populates products for you at the click of a button.

You will need to be an Amazon Associate and generating sales. The plugin will require your information and access keys to work.

A large store can be created in a minimum amount of time. When a potential customer clicks on a product, they are sent to Amazon to make a purchase and you will receive a commission for every product they buy even if it isn’t the product they clicked on originally.

90-Day Cookie Option

This plugin has a 90-day cookie option, when this is set the products are automatically sent straight to the customer’s cart on Amazon.

Normally, Amazon cookies expire after 24 hours but by adding them to the Amazon cart it extends the cookie duration to 90 days.

Automatic Price Updates

Products are automatically updated daily so their prices are correct and up to date. A date will also display next to each product showing when it was last updated.

Add To Cart or Go Straight To Amazon

This plugin can be set so that when a customer views a product and decides to buy it they can add it to the cart on your blog. The customer can add multiple products to the basket before clicking through to checkout and being directed to Amazon.

You can also set the plugin so that it doesn’t add products to your cart and when a customer clicks on a product, it takes them straight to the Amazon site instead.

Get Paid for Whatever They Buy

If the customer goes on to buy anything else other than what they have clicked on in your shop you will still get a commission for whatever they have purchased as long as the cookie has not expired.

This plugin has more exciting features to discover such as insane import, products stats and lots more. 

Regular and extended licences are available and both licence options come with free support for six months.

Visit the Amazon Affiliate Plugin page to find our more.

Use this plugin to create an instant Amazon affiliate store on your blog.

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