Month: November 2019

  • Online Money Making Courses

    Online money making courses

    If you’re looking for an online money-making course, these courses will be of interest to you and can help increase your knowledge and online income if you put in the work. Blogging Secrets This course is written by Jenny Lord. Jenny has included everything she wishes she’d known before she started blogging professionally. There are […]

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  • What is a Plugin in WordPress?

    What is a WordPress Plugin?

    If you’re totally new to WordPress, you may be wondering what a plugin is. Here’s a bit of information on what they are, and how to upload them to your blog. What is a Plugin? A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. […]

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  • Why You Should Use WordPress

    Why You Should Use WordPress

    I always advise getting a self-hosted WordPress website, this is not to be confused with I am referring to the self-hosted WordPress from, which is open-source software that you install on your domain. Why Is WordPress Better Than A Free Blogging Platform? WordPress is much better than using a free blogging platform like […]

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  • Choosing & Uploading a WordPress Theme

    Choosing and uploading a WordPress theme

    Following on from my post How To Install WordPress on Ionos, the following will help you choose and upload a theme. Once you’ve installed WordPress on your domain it’s time to log into your blog using the administrator name and password that you have just created. Here you will be able to choose one of […]

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