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If you’re looking for an online money-making course, these courses will be of interest to you and can help increase your knowledge and online income if you put in the work.

Online Money Making Courses

Blogging Secrets

This course is written by Jenny Lord. Jenny has included everything she wishes she’d known before she started blogging professionally.

There are extras thrown in for free, like her Pinterest Magic book which is worth £19.99 on its own.

This course is for new bloggers and those who have been blogging for a while and have hit a plateau and want to push past it. Read up on the full course contents here.

Become a Pinterest VA

Becoming a Pinterest VA could be a lucrative side income in addition to your blogging. This work is providing a service that clients pay you well for, with earnings of around £25-£40 per hour.

The course will teach you everything you need to know, along with all the services a Pinterest VA can provide.

Client leads are provided in the Pinterest VA Facebook group (this is a paid support group, you don’t have to use this if you don’t want to.)

The course is only open a couple of times per year for enrollment. There is a Free Workshop that you can sign up for, this will help you decide if this type of work is for you. You’ll also be reminded when the next enrollment is so that you’re the first on the list if you decide this course is for you.

Gold City Ventures E-Printables

The Gold City Ventures E-Printables Course is an online course that trains you on how to create and sell printables for profit. The course focuses on helping you understand keyword research, marketing tactics, pricing strategies, and other aspects that contribute to making money with this side hustle.

It provides 30+ done-for-you templates for Canva and Adobe Illustrator that you can customize and list in your Etsy shop. Additionally, as part of the VIP Membership Vault, you will receive five additional free template packs each month. Find out more about Gold City Ventures here.

Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer

This is my own guide! Get Started As An Affiliate Marketer here’s what’s included:

4 tips When Starting Out

This section contains tips and tools to help you when starting out.

Adding Affiliate Links Correctly

I’ll show you how to correctly add tags that are needed in your affiliate links, with examples of how to do it manually.

Disclosing Affiliate Links

This section covers disclosing affiliate links correctly on your blog and where to get the best legal pages.

Create A Resources Page

Advice on how to best create a resources page for your recommendations.

Create A Guide With Affiliate Offers

Follow these steps to help you create a guide that will make you money for months or years to come

Essential Tools Affiliates Need

A list of useful tools an affiliate marketer needs for sharing posts, keeping in touch with subscribers, designing pins, selling, SEO and more.

Affiliate Networks And Programs To Join

A list of some of the most popular affiliate networks and programs affiliate marketers use.

Rules When Posting To Social Media

Make sure that you are sharing your affiliate links and posts that contain affiliate links correctly to social media by disclosing them the right way.

Create An Amazon Shop On Your Blog

This could be for a future project when you have started generating Amazon sales. This tool will help you create a shop quickly and generate lots of affiliate sales.

Available as a PDF download.

Div Dog Bakery

Diva Dog Bakery is a platform that provides resources and guidance for starting a dog treat business from home. It offers a variety of services, including workshops, courses, and printables to help you get started and grow your business. The platform was founded by Kristin Larsen, who shares her experience as a successful dog-treat bakery business owner.

If you’re interested in learning how to make no-bake dog treats at home, Diva Dog Bakery has a course that covers this topic as well. The course is designed to help you create delicious and healthy treats for your furry friends.

Whether you’re looking to start a part-time dog treat business or take your existing bakery to the next level, Diva Dog Bakery offers valuable resources and support to help you achieve your goals.

Learn how to make extra cash with these online money making courses
If you're looking for an online money making course, these courses will be of interest to you and can help increase your knowledge and online income if you put in the work.

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