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It’s not easy running a website. During the creation process you need to put in a lot of time and effort – and often money – to make sure that everything is working exactly as it should, and then the real work begins — building an audience. The work doesn’t end once you’ve got people interested in your site, however: website success, after all, is an ongoing process, one that needs to be carefully managed. Below, we take a look at four things that pose a threat to your website’s long-term health. Make sure that your website isn’t at risk from any of them!

Cyber Attacks

A cyber attack could also be known as “How To Lose Your Audience Forever,” such is the seriousness of an attack. Now, most cyber threats aren’t so serious — your site could be hacked, but once you’ve reclaimed control, the damage is over. This changes, however, if criminals get your customer’s sensitive information, if that’s an aspect of your website. To prevent it from happening, make sure you’re taking steps to keep your website’s security up to date — new measures are released all the time in response to the criminal’s increasingly sophisticated methods.

Visitor Apathy

For a website to succeed in the long-term, it needs to have a solid base of returning visitors. They’ll be the bread and butter for your website. However, your visitors aren’t going to return of their own accord without encouragement. So what’s the incentive to keep them coming back? Is the quality of your content as good as its always been? Are you experimenting with new ways of doing things? If a visitor returns to your site and there’s nothing new for them to see, or it’s the same old, same old, then there’ll come the point when they stop visiting.

In the Abyss

If there’s one thing all website owners need to have in the back in their mind at all times, it’s that there are a lot of websites, and they’re all vying for attention. While you might have been King of the Castle – and by that, we mean the top of the search rankings – at one point, your position at the top isn’t guaranteed. Indeed, it’s all but impossible to maintain if you’re not actively managing your SEO. With Google and other search engines changing their algorithms all the time, SEO is something that you can’t leave to chance.

Standing Still

Have you seen the Space Jam website? It’s still there, online, and it hasn’t changed it’s look since the nineties, when the movie came out. It’s retro, it’s fun. Alas, your website won’t be given the same respect. If your site looks like it belongs in the past, then your visitors will head for pastures new unless your content is out of this world good. Don’t get apathetic when it comes to your website — change up the design to reflect modern tastes. For a point of reference, take a look at what the biggest websites are doing with their sites, and follow their lead.

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4 Threats To Your Website’s Long-Term Health

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